- FL time travel
- ML die in the present day
- ML like FL first
- FL trying to save ML from death
- FL liked SML then SML like FL
Recomendado por filiaang
Both have MLs that play it cool but really have a major crush on the FLs

Both have 'bad boy' SML

High school setting

Recomendado por MicahEllen
- The plot is quite similar
- FL goes back in time to save ML
- Time Travel to save their loved one
Recomendado por Selby Thomas
the simpiest male leads you will ever find. so sweet they'll give you cavities.
also deals with the supernatural and a mysterious villain chasing the fl

Recomendado por the-loststone
- Female lead travels back in time because of male leads death
- set in school
- Male lead falls in love with the female lead in a record store
- Female lead starts changing the future
Recomendado por katsluo8
Both are fantasy, romance, and comedy high school dramas.
Both were adopted from web novels.
Kim Hye Yoon is the female lead in both dramas.
Both have some similarities in the script.
Recomendado por Misu
both have time travel romance with angst. both the female lead tries to change her past several times
Recomendado por valek
It also has time travelling and preventing accident & changing fate as its theme, also includs music & band life.
Recomendado por Jennyry Moon
- The plot is quite similar
- Only difference is in Blue Birthday FL goes back through old photos and in this drama with a clock to save the ML
Recomendado por Selby Thomas
- both dramas has idol male lead that are experiencing depression
- both dramas has female lead that got inspired by their "idol" to continue and live their lives
- both dramas circles around how the 'fan' will help back their 'idol'
Recomendado por Elleluvyou
The genre is different,
Lovely runner is traveling to past where reset is time loop
1) the chemistry between ml and fl is amazing.
2) you'll be thrilled every second. Reset doesn't has much comedy.but has the grip to hold you from start to end .
3) in both dramas there is a culprit they have to find and prevent accident , in order to stay alive.
4) in lovely runner only the fl is time traveling and in reset both protagonists (ml +fl) are stuck in time loop and they're trying to escape it.
Recomendado por Moondae moondae
im sol is as energetic and lively as na heedo, they both give off a cute pure hearted vibe
The mls also have a similar softness and personality, though bark yejin was more mature as he was older

But the times of nostalgia and youthful energy are the same too, eventho one is a time traveling drama and the other is a reminiscing about the past
Recomendado por XingBack
Both "While You Were Sleeping" and "Lovely Runner" share a central theme involving the supernatural ability to foresee future events. In "While You Were Sleeping," the characters experience prophetic dreams that show future incidents, allowing them to attempt to prevent these events from happening. Similarly, "Lovely Runner" features characters who can travel back in time to alter events in an attempt to prevent future tragedies. As with "While You Were Sleeping," this creates a paradox: their actions in the past intended to change the future can either fail to prevent the event or cause it to happen in a different way. The very act of trying to change the future by modifying past events can lead to a fixed timeline where the future remains unchangeable despite their best efforts.
If you enjoy thought-provoking stories with engaging characters and intricate plotlines, both "While You Were Sleeping" and "Lovely Runner" are worth adding to your watchlist.
Recomendado por Heh
Both dramas have a female lead who is a fan of the ML, saving the ML from their future death and both ML are stars/singers.
Recomendado por BIRD_IN_A_CAGE
• The plot is somehow very similar
• The protagonist will time travel to save ML
• May be they will change their future
• And obviously they will fall in love
Hope that this helps cause as I saw the trailer i suddenly remembered about marry my husband and the similarities between these two shows
Recomendado por Quiescent
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