Adorável Corredora Episódio 1

9.2/10 from 172 users
Apr 08, 2024
Sol had gotten into an accident and had no will to live a life. However, a phone call from Seon Jae, the vocalist of the group Eclipse, gave her hope and comfort. Since that day, she… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 2

9.4/10 from 161 users
Apr 09, 2024
Sol is confused about the situation, but one thing she knows is that she must save Seon Jae. She finds out that she can’t directly explain the future. To save Seon Jae, she decides… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 3

9.2/10 from 146 users
Apr 15, 2024
Seon Jae wins the gold medal at the competition and confesses his feelings for Sol. But due to unexpected events, it’s not as easy as it seemed. Sol thinks she has changed the future,… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 4

9.3/10 from 137 users
Apr 16, 2024
Sol is back in 2023. She couldn’t save Seon Jae, but she found out that she did make some changes in the past. She manages to go back in time again, but things have turned out strangely… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 5

9.3/10 from 123 users
Apr 22, 2024
Sun Jae saves Sol just in time. Sol realizes how precious her life is and tries not to miss out on many things. Tae Seong feels jealous of Sun Jae who seems close to Sol. Meanwhile,… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 6

9.3/10 from 127 users
Apr 23, 2024
Sol breaks up with Tae Seong, thinking he only dated her to avoid the girl who likes him. Sun Jae tries to be cool with Sol so he can win her heart, but it’s not easy for him to… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 7

9.2/10 from 120 users
Apr 29, 2024
Sol manages to escape from the kidnapper, and Sun Jae saves him. At that moment, Sol is back in 2023. She is relieved to know that Sun Jae is safe as well, but a lot of things have… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 8

9.4/10 from 134 users
Apr 30, 2024
Sol and Sun Jae meet at the Hangang Bridge as they promised. Sol is worried that something might happen to Sun Jae if she lets him go. She insists they spend the night together, and… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 9

9.1/10 from 108 users
May 06, 2024
Sun Jae is attacked again, and he’s in a critical condition. Police disclose information on the culprit, and Sol notices that the timeline has changed again. She manages to find… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 10

9.3/10 from 109 users
May 07, 2024
Sun Jae tells Sol he will leave for the US for the rehabilitation training. Sol is relieved to hear the news as he’ll be safe in the US, but she feels sad at the same time. In Hyuk… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 11

9.2/10 from 90 users
May 13, 2024
Sol and Sun Jae decide to be honest with their feelings and enjoy every moment together until Sol goes back to the future. Their parents find out that they are dating, and a small… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 12

8.9/10 from 75 users
May 14, 2024
Kim Young Soo escapes, and Sun Jae wants to protect Sol and make her feel relieved. They run into Geum and Hyun Ju and find out about their relationship. In Hyuk goes back to his home… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 13

8.4/10 from 52 users
May 20, 2024
Sol lies to Sun Jae and leaves him. Sun Jae comes back to Seoul alone, but he finds out that Sol lied to him. He goes back to find her, but Sol doesn’t answer his calls. Meanwhile,… read more

Adorável Corredora Episódio 14

7.4/10 from 25 users
May 21, 2024

Adorável Corredora Episódio 15

7.1/10 from 22 users
May 27, 2024

Adorável Corredora Episódio 16

7.1/10 from 22 users
May 28, 2024

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