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the age dynamics of the siblings are the same

in 9 border it narrates life of 3 sisters. in plus nine boys, it shows the lives of brothers with a superstition of age ending in 9.

Recomendado por 1259 - Mai 14, 2024
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they have these 2 in common, family and crime but also in the side of justice. jdoramas and kazoku themes are worth to check out :)
Recomendado por 1259 - Jan 27, 2024
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both bad lands and scams target the same age group (soft spoiler alert : they target the elderly). And yes, the writers will let you root for the scammers. hehehe
Because we are basically looking into the perspective of the perpetrators, it gives the audience the thrill of making out to the final episode if they had their happy ending or justice to the victims. This seems a no-brainer because both ending are possible, we are at the mercy of the luck of the main leads and the sovereignty of the writers. But the satisfaction of completing this kind of films are always worth it :)
Recomendado por 1259 - Jan 3, 2024
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similar in suspense. Haru and Akiyama are both unpredictable and it makes us excited what will they think of next.

I imagine how I got invested with liar game as i am now clicking away to the next episode with the trillion game. In liar game, they lose and Nao will be in debt, similarly, if the trillion team lose a contract, they will be a slave to the dragon bank group. So the desperation is of the same, I can say :)
Recomendado por 1259 - Set 5, 2023
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the context are so different but the writing style and the calm atmosphere are almost identical.
Diary of a Prosecutor are the people who bonds over with the law, while Prison Playbook are the people who bonded by being caught by the law.

similarities despite the differences
- Each episode has a beginning, climax, and a resolution that is why you will not notice that you are at the ending of the drama, but also, you get to know more of the characters and appreciate them more as the episodes unfold.
- chemistry among the main characters and even the supporting characters that make up their office slash/ prison cells.
- mundane everyday thoughts that were beautifully written. monologues and lines that one writes on their diary. It is the everyday, but because by taking record of it, it makes it more memorable.
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Both are released in the same year - 2022
this was such a delight to compare jdoramas and kdramas. You see different approaches yet they are both great and the other did not fall short! Same same but different in all the good ways

Interesting and great law cases, and with enough amount of chemistry between the leads.

Recomendado por 1259 - Ago 19, 2022
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they are both made in the same year - 2022
same genre - thriller, mystery, comedy
also, romance.

as a choding and newer viewer in this genre, I love that it deals with dark themes like crimes and killing, but the atmosphere is lighter making it easy to watch even for someone like me :)
Recomendado por 1259 - Jun 13, 2022
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The last 4 episodes feel the same..
They have portrayed death of a loved one beautifully. :)
Recomendado por 1259 - Mai 24, 2022
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Kikazaru Koi ni wa Riyuu ga Atte is one of the best romance Jdrama of 2021.
The opening of episode 1 of Koi Nante reminded me so much of Kikazaru.
The FL are both into fashion and the ML are chefs :D

aesthetic wise, might be in par with one another. would update this after finishing the series ;)
Recomendado por 1259 - Abr 30, 2022
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They're both chill and have slow aura.
Their strong point is the smooth exchange of dialogues. I can just listen to them for hours talking. :)
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They both have settings way back in high school.
They have the same concept of going back to back with present and past.
Both have superior line up of OST.
Chemistry of among the leads are on top.

main couple had a major fall out in the past
Recomendado por 1259 - Mar 16, 2022
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From the same writer.
Heaps of beautifully written female characters
The dialogues are smooth.

Digitally in contrast:
WWW is more modern and 2521 is retro.

Age range in contrast:
WWW is about people who are seasoned and expert in their field, 2521 takes on the young and naive concept.

Nevertheless, they are both an encouragement dramas.
Recomendado por 1259 - Mar 12, 2022