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bet you can "hear" my profile picture!


bet you can "hear" my profile picture!
Welcome to my Profile

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♥  My username is the Korean catchphrase for OMG (Listen Here)
♥  Also apt for when I see Asian artists onscreen with their ethereal looks (OMO=Oh My Ovaries)
♥  officially watching dramas since 2016 & anime since 2000

♥  love to read, write, paint, photograph, play arcade/retro games & try out different food cuisines!
♥  Tend to gravitate towards works from Korea/Japan but trying to watch more of Chinese/Thailand/Taiwanese work
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Trakt - not so active
In 2011  - Started watching Winter Sonata (anime) and realized that it is not the usual Japanese anime that I watched, cause the language (especially phrases like oppa, unnie) are different. Researched & discovered that it was Korean and a drama remake.

It made me recall my interaction as a kid in 2001 with Korean graduates and professionals, who were on a visit to India at a society club. They had shared life and photographs in South Korea, some of them which I still have in old photo albums. But kid me somehow forgot about it & continued watching animes over Animax/Cartoon Network!
Thankfully, it all changed in 2016 as I landed across Kissasian & started watching Boys over Flowers (2009). The rest is history!

Now watching dramas is habitual, just like anime & western shows. More so cause of it does not have infinite seasons & waiting time, opened doors to cultural leaning & finding similarities, took me back to my other passions of writing & art - as I write spin-offs and draw favorite drama actors/scenes/posters! 
My Rating Method: I assign a full rating of 10 and then deduct 0.5 or 1 as and when I don't like something or things that have not been up to the mark in the drama/movie.Exception: Some drama/movies may have a higher rating due to the emotional attachment (first dramas etc) I have with them even when I know that today there are better ones  
10 - Flawless, Perfection
Masterpiece Category
- Everyone must watch these
- Life & Time-worthy
- Are you even a drama-addict if you have not seen these gems?
 9 - Almost Perfect
8 - Great, with few flaws
7- GoodWorth-a-Watch but something was missing
- Could be feel good to time-pass range
- Probably the pace/ ending/ character development was not up to the mark/expectation but overall okay
6 - Above Average
5 - Average
4 - Below AverageHated More Parts than Liked:
- Started cause initial perception was great (summary/trailer/cast/hype)
- In the end, spelled out as 

3 - Bad
2 - GarbageLee Min Ho calls it right "Disgusting S#*T"
Like Veronica Park (click here), we must ask the makers to apologize to electricity providers, inventors & audience!
1 - Why was this even made? It is actually a ZERO or Negative Score
Forever Favorites
♥  Many of these are my first dramas in my entire drama journey or in their respective genre, or both.
♥ They were the firsts, so it got me hooked into drama-world. Since then, there is no going back.
♥  Some were discovered by chance or came highly recommended & since then live rent-free in my mind. ♥ They are comforting - as I have binged or re-watched them, either entirely or certain episodes.
♥ They will always be in my recommendations no matter how many years pass!
(All Titles are clickable, so check them out)
❤️: Rom-Com, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Unpredictable Twist Endings, Courtroom, Crime  dramas
❌: Slow-burn plots that make you doze off in middle OR take longer than first 2 episode to hold interest 
These changed my perspective through the sheer brilliance portrayed by the acting, plot, message. Life altering, thought-provoking, ROFL-ing - these are masterpieces that I would recommend everyone should watch at least once in their lives. Cause I know they would make you hooked, watch again and recommend it forward.
These are like my comfort food/mood lifters. Along with the above - I watch/re-watch these when I can't decide on new shows or have a drama slump cause these will always brighten up my day or keep me interested like the very first time I watched them. Some of them are also the first dramas and hence close to heart! 

These dramas made me hyped about them when I watched them. Everything about them became my ultimate favorite. They are a notch below the above two categories because after my initial fangirling waned I started seeing somethings that could have been better (ending/pace/certain logics) and while I do not rewatch them as the above categories, these are highly recommended and worth a binge (or more).
Todome no Kiss  (2018)
Death's Game (2024)
these artists hold a special place in my heart & as per me their talents are unmatched! Their latest work will always be on my watchlist under highest priority, & I tend to rewatch their dramas/movies very often & they still amaze me with their talent - EVERY-SINGLE-TIME! 
(All Links are clickable below so you can know more about them)
Lee Min HoLee Je HoonSakaguchi KentaroIm Si Wan
Byeon Woo SeokRowoonKim Jung Hyun

(っ^▿^)っ     while there are many artists, but these are the OGs      ᕙ(^▿^-ᕙ) 
B.I. (Hanbin)Day6KARD
BTSJay ParkEric Nam
BlackpinkOfficial Hige Dandism
• ❅ ────── ✧ ❅ ✦ ❅ ✧ ────── ❅ •
Please feel free to add me as a friend, drop a message, follow - I am trying to be more regular in MDL and would love to interact with fellow drama-addicts! 


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