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   "A Glimpse into my thoughts" 

 First brush with C-drama
I distinctly remember the first time I came across costume Chinese drama... I was quite young, still in school one of the television channel had  started broadcasting dubbed Chinese series in the afternoon, I couldn't wait to come home from school to watch them.... I found them to be quite fascinating, elaborate costumes, anti gravity stunts, magical powers and great martial arts... Suddenly the TV network stopped broadcasting them and I mopped around for quite sometime ...... Then like any youngster, my attention was diverted to other interests and I forgot all about Chinese dramas for a long time....

Around 2 years ago,  out of the blue, YOUTUBE started recommending such series, I still resisted as I was not interested in reading SUBTITLES... In the December of 2021 as I had a lot of leisure time, I decided to give them a go... I started with few series as recommended and then I came across the drama "Love and Redemption" needless to say I was hooked. Rest as they say is history.

Anecdote:  Nowadays I watch so many Chinese series that YOUTUBE automatically offers to translate all languages comments to Chinese 😝

Joining MDL
In July 2023 the then 'currently airing' drama "The Princess and the Werewolf"  made me open an account on MDL,  it was instrumental in converting me from a passive observer to an active participant. Since then I have had the pleasure of interacting with so many talented, knowledgeable and enthusiastic people who share the love for Asian Dramas. It gives me joy to communicate with them on various drama pages. 

Watch what you enjoy
I am a firm believer that a person should ONLY watch and read what they actually enjoy. Often I bump into recommendations of some or other popular dramas with high profile actors but many times after watching one or two episodes, I discover they are dragging and not entertaining me. I prefer not to continue them despite high ravings and ratings they have received from others.

Sometimes I feel, what you like or dislike is related to your 'mindset at that time'... It may not be the right time for 'one' to do something... Often later when revisiting those drama,  I find them engrossing.

Therefore don't  force yourself to engage in something that doesn't give you pleasure but also don't reject anything firmly, keep an open mind because your tastes and preferences keep on changing over time... Nothing is permanent in life Except change.

Don't miss out on mini/ short length series
After watching a few dramas, I perceived that most series have same standard formulas and stories that are 'SAFE' and manages to attract viewers having same set of popular actors, playing similar characters... Prompting me to search for Chinese series that have interesting new story lines.. And then I stumbled upon mini/ short length series, they are a quick watch, some have really good plot with decent acting.

Do give these series a try if you are bored with same STANDARD formulas.


8   = Good

8.5 = Very Good

9  = Excellent
Ratings are always subjective based on a person's preference... I prefer to rate only those series that I have finished watching and if they were able to hold my interest without making me watch the 'time stamp' frequently hoping that they would conclude soon, then they deserve good ratings from me.

Those series that I rate '10' are my comfort series, they are like your favourite friend whom you are eager to spend time with even after having lost contact for many years..... Like taking a sip of hot coffee wrapped in a fluffy blanket on a cold wintry day... The series that you gravitate towards when you want a PICK ME UP.


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