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I love dramas and movies (mostly Japanese and Chinese), TV shows (mostly Korean and Chinese) and I'm especially fond of OSTs/soundtracks (particularly Chinese). I also love to analyze and have deep conversations about dramas and movies.

I watch a lot of productions at the same time but I'm hyperfocused and finish the ones I like best first. I have a very low tolerance for what I dim boring and for contents that I feel have let down the basics of human intelligence. Hence why I'm a serial dropper and on-holder.



I like the most:
1. very well crafted characters
2. very good and coherent story
3. good acting (+ even better: good chemistry between the cast)
4. beautiful costumes and sets
5. beautiful cinematography and CGI

I can't stand:
1. dumb and useless FL
2. brainless characters with illogical behaviors
3. incoherent story with too many plot holes/irrational and nonsensical editing
5. misused lazy tropes
6. too many boring fillers episodes

I have a soft spot for these genres:
1. Political historical (especially Chinese)
2. Fantasy historical (especially Chinese and Japanese)
3. Comedy (especially Japanese)
4. Business/office worker (especially Japanese)
5. Historical (especially Chinese)
6. Slice of life (especially Japanese)

I avoid these genres:
1. Horror
2. Mature
3. Military/Police/Firefighter (it's not an absolute 'no' though and I can watch a very good movie/drama in these settings)
4. Sitcom

Favorite tags:
1. Power struggle/scheme/political intrigue/palace politics
2. Revenge/betrayal/vigilante
3. Smart male/smart female lead
4. Fake identity/hidden identity/double identity
5. Time travel/parallel universe/crossworld traveller

Repulsive tags:
1. Airhead female lead (that's the closest to 'Stupid FL' on MDL)
2. Abusive relationship/mean male lead
3. Childhood trauma/terminal illness/fatal disease/PTSD/kidnapping/memory loss/amnesia/white truck of doom (not an absolute 'no' since it's hard to get past these ones)
4. Tearjerker
5. Melodramatic misunderstandings


Notation is obviously a very subjective process. I've chosen to rate each drama/movie apart from one another and I don't compare the ratings to adjust the whole. I only rate dramas and movies that I've completed. For the dramas that I've dropped, I usually don't mention the number of episodes I've watched nor rate them. 

As long as I don't drop, I'm actually quite easy to please. I easily give one or two more points just because I've loved "minor" aspects like a character, the costumes, the ambience, the chemistry between the cast, the visual ideas or deep social commentaries... Conversely, I don't "penalize" a drama if there's some distasteful elements in it. 

10 . ✪✪✪ This one is of an unparalleled stellar quality! Currently, Hikaru no Go is the only drama I gave this rating to. Because eventhough I love some dramas very much (like Nirvana in Fire or Lost You Forever), for me, they still lack in one or several departments (it could be because of the unbalanced pace, the unconvincing suspension of disbelief, the absence of character development, the lack of originality, the disturbingly awful sets/CGI, etc.).

9,5❤❤✪ Fantastic! This drama has a huge impact on me. It is a reference and I often talk about it (like Empress Ki, Hanzawa Naoki). Eventhough I'm not the kind to rewatch dramas, I surely have for this one!

9. ❤❤ Really great! I've bingewatched it and had a really good time (like Tokyo Joshi Zukan, A League of Nobleman)! 

8♦❤ Good or pretty good. Many qualities, but also weaknesses... (like Good Doctor, Nobunaga Concerto

7♦☠ Watchable. Sufficiently to caugh my curiosity but I was on the verge of dropping it. For some of them, I may have fast-forwarded or even skipped entire scenes/episodes. In other cases, I often give this rating to endearing but messy (according to me) dramas (like Love like the Galaxy, The Legend of Hao Lan)  

5-6☠☠ I regret wasting my time on it. So, most of the time, I don't even bother to rate, I simply drop.

1-4☠☠☠ I don't give these ratings, I drop the drama.

Basically, I don't bother myself (non intentionally, at least...) to watch contents that I suspect won't guarantee me an 8.


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