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Land of Pristine Beaches & Friendly Folks


Land of Pristine Beaches & Friendly Folks

~ Something About Me 💻📌📝 ~ 

 I WORK IN the interesting and dynamic field of Information Technology.  I'm multilingual and passionate about languages, so I'm also a freelance translator and interpreter (if and when I have the time!) mainly in the English <> Chinese (Mandarin and Hokkien) space, and have translated for a variety of subject areas.

~ My Asian Drama-Watching Background 📺🍿📽️ ~

I GREW UP in a family that watched Chinese language dramas and movies.  Back then, Taiwanese and Hong Kong dramas were popular, so I've watched my fair share of them.  When I was still studying, I only get to watch during school breaks, as we all know, drama-watching can be quite addicting and would interfere with school work 😊📚. 

Through the years, my portfolio of Asian dramas has expanded to include mostly Mainland Chinese and Korean series (and occasionally, Filipino and Japanese dramas).  I've also had my Asian drama breaks, when I hardly followed any series, so I've had an on-off "love affair" with Asian dramas.

Since November 2022, I've been catching up again on Chinese dramas, and keeping myself updated with new shows.  I plan to indulge in some Korean dramas again, but as it is, my plate is already full, so not sure when I’ll be able to start on it, but hopefully soon!

NOTE: My Completed Dramas List is a WIP (Work in Progress) since I continually update it with the series that I've watched through the years.  I don’t know the English title for some of these dramas, so I have look them up!   Aside from Asian dramas and movies, I also watch Western/Hollywood movies, and occasionally, Western series.  

~ Some Quotable Quotes 🏆🔮 ~

From “Oh My General”:

"Some birds don't fly for 3 years, but once they fly, they soar high into the sky.  Some birds don't make a sound for 3 years, but once they do, they surprise everyone."   (有鸟三年不飞,一飞冲天。 三年不鸣, 一鸣惊人。)

From “A Journey to Love”:  

"You have transformed a small sparrow in a cage into an eagle; I can no longer go back."  (你们已经把玉笼里的小麻雀教成了一隻鹰; 我已经回不去了。)

 From “Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog’s Time”

"Follow your dreams; you are not alone."  (沿着梦想走,你不是孤单一人。)

"I have met many people and was never interested, but I fell in love when I met you." (我见众生皆无意,唯有见你动了情。)


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