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I started watching Asian shows in 2018, but it wasn't until mid 2020 that I really got into them. And now over 90% of what I watch and listen to isn't in English. I'm into K-pop, C-pop, and J-pop (always open to recommendations).  I'm a Monbebe (Monsta X) and a Wenee (Wonho) but other groups and artists I like are BigBang, BtoB, DPR Ian, EXO, Jeff Satur, Kard, Shinee, The Rose and Vixx. My pfp are the rappers and maknaes from Monsta X - Joohoney and I.M. 
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I like all genres as long as the plot is interesting, but my favourite genre is romance. I also enjoy crime/mystery shows as long as I don't solve them in the first few episodes. I watch and enjoy shows from various countries, whether from Korea, China, Thailand, etc. I choose what to watch depending on my mood, so I always have variety on my CW. When deciding what to watch, the storyline and characters are what matter to me (eye candy helps too).
Likes: happy endings, romance, strong female lead, soft male lead, morally grey characters, murder mystery, possessive male lead, historical, wuxia, character development, bromance and sismance, slice of life, found family, leads with great chemistry (romance or otherwise)
Dislikes: sad endings, tragedy, amnesia, weak and dumb female leads, body switching, forced romance, embarrassing scenarios, avoidable misunderstandings, abusive families, mistaken or hidden identities, prolonged angst, terminal illness, characters having lack of common sense

Feel free to friend and DM me, I’d love to talk to more people who share my love for Asian shows and K-pop. And while I have a long and ever growing watchlist, recommendations are always welcome.

My rating system*

9.5+  I loved it, great show

8.5+  I liked it a lot, great show

7+  Not great but it's good, I enjoyed it

6+  It was good *shrug*

4+  Didn't like it, not for me

1 - 4  Didn’t like and wouldn’t recommend 

 *I only rate shows I've completed. My rating system is based on my subjective opinion and personal enjoyment. Even though I might not enjoy a show, I always think there are redeeming qualities, so I will rarely rate a show 5 or lower.

"And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside." - Lin-Manuel Miranda

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