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Welcome to my profile, keep smiling and I am here to cheer you up and Love you!

Feel free to send friend request, my DM always open and I'll try my best to reply as fast as I can.

So, wanna be friends?

Basic info about me hehehe:

  • My name is Irbaz Karamat and I am from Pakistan, 21, male and a Computer Science University student.
  • Started watching K-dramas at the end of 2017 and still going on-
  • The K-drama which brought me in was My Love From The Stars. 
  • In K-pop since 2018. The band which drive me into K-pop is BLΛƆKPIИK
  • I already watched hundred of shows so I can't decide which is my most favorite lol. I don't watch other region shows except Korean most of the time. I do try other's too if they intrigue me. Watch mix genres of every kind no matter what they are straights or BLs whatever. But yeah there are some things which I notice before watching any show like: 
    - For Kdramas, they should be less then 20 ep if the ratings and reviews are good otherwise 16 then 12 ep are best. 
    - For Thai I mostly watch BLs  not those in which they act cute, famine and cringe (I am sorry but I am not into these kind of shows). I watch bold roles like Kinnsporsche, The Sign, Love Syndrome, Unforgotten night and steamy ones like Cutie Pie, Tharntype and Manner of Death etc.
    - I also gives try to Japanese, Chinese or Philippines when the show is popular and well rated only.

See you here and there :)


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