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こんにちは!My name is Macy. I've watched dramas since I was around eleven or twelve. My first drama was Hana Yori Dango and it's still one of my favorites. I go through a lot of drama slumps but I still usually prefer dramas over western shows.
My Drama Habits
  • I watch K-dramas mostly out of convenience (lol)
  • J-dramas have my heart forever but I prefer downloading them so I go in and out of watching them regularly.
  • I like Thai series from GMMTV but I really haven't branched out from there.
  • I watch whatever I feel like at the moment and I try to never force myself to watch something..
My Movie Habits
  • I usually enjoy watching movies more than dramas because they're shorter.
  • With movies I'm sometimes more concerned about "artistic merit" or whatever.  However, I value entertainment above all.
  • I like movies from a lot of countries, but Indian films hold a special place for me.
  • Right now, I'm really liking Filipino films.
More About Me
  • I'm a big reader of both books (Harry Potter, Anne of Green Gables, etc.) and manga (Hana Yori Dango, Nana, Fruits Basket, etc.).
  • I collect a lot of things like books, stuff animals, and dolls.
  • My favorite non-Asian shows are Degrassi, Skins, Boy Meets World, The Wonder Years, Sex and the City, Stranger ThingsAnne with an EThe X-Files, Law and Order: SVU, Road to Avonlea, and Once Upon a Time.

Me and MDL

  • I accept most friend requests, but I probably won't message first. Sorry, I'm chronically shy...
  • I block people I see posting negatively. Criticism and negativity  are two different things. This is for my mental health as I've gotten into too many arguments on here. 
  • Don't pay much attention to my ratings unless I've written a review on the drama/movie. I usually rate based on pure enjoyment.
  • Not every drama on my dropped list is "dropped" yet. I just moved them there to not overwhelm my on-hold list.

Fave Dramas

My 2024 Drama Year
  • 2023 was a major drama slump year for me. I'm going to keep track of what I watch this year here in order to keep myself motivated to watch more.
  • I'm also trying to slowly work through my on hold and plan to watch lists but I'll only keep track of my on hold list.
  • As of this February, I'm crazy for asadora dramas. I'll keep track of ones I'm watching and planning to watch here as well.
Asadora ~ Watching & Planning to Watch ~

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