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On a couch, watching dramas and movies


On a couch, watching dramas and movies

I'm just another human who's trying to make it through each day. I believe in treating people with respect, and expect the same from people. We can agree to disagree RESPECTFULLY without using harsh words and labels. Please be kind in stating your opinion. 

Please REACH OUT if you are struggling. It could be anything & as long as it matters to you, it is IMPORTANT & SIGNIFICANT. Regardless of how trivial others may think you or your problems to be, you are of worth and deserve love and respect. My inbox is open for anyone that needs a friend / someone they can vent to. The least I can do is to listen. Sometimes, it's easier to speak to a stranger. But please do reach out to a mental health professional.  Don't suffer alone. There are people equipped with the job to help & are paid to listen to your concerns.

Let us LIVE & LET LIVE, with each other's differences. We are all equally precious :)

For those who need therapy but can't afford it, there's a great psychiatrist on YouTube who talks about various topics and even uploads therapy sessions with famous gamers. His channel has been of great help to me, and all of you who are reaching out to me or are too scared to reach out, maybe the channel will be of help to you. Give it a try!

Always happy to discuss, recommend & fangirl over dramas, feel free to reach out :)

My first dramas / movies:

Korea: Jealousy (1992)  /  Taiwan: Meteor Garden (2000)  /  Japan:  Aishiteru to Ittekure (1995)  /  China: Princess Pearl (1998)  /  Thailand: Shutter (2004)  /  Hong Kong: In the Mood for Love (2000)  /  Philippines: Starting Over Again (2014)  /  Turkey: Asi (2008)  /  Italy: L' Eclisse (1962)  /  Russia: Bednaya Nastya (2003) /  Colombia: Yo Soy Betty La Fea (1999)  /  Spain: Money Heist (2017)  / Peru: Without Saying Goodbye (2022)  /  Poland: A Short Film About Love (1988)  / Pakistan: Dhoop Kinare (1987)  /  India: Kati Patang (1970)  / Austria: Sisi (1955)  /  Iran: Where is the Friend's House (1987)   /  USA: Betty Boop  (1930s)  /  UK: Persuasion (1971)

Favourite Dramas from 2024 so far -

Unmet: Aru Nogekai no Nikki (Japan)

Owakare Hospital (Japan)

Imperfect Us (Taiwan)

Karakai Jozu no Takagi-San (Japan)


Must Watch Japanese Dramas                                                Titles with Adorable Kids

Japanese Movies and Dramas from the 90s                    Titles involving LGBTQ+

Japanese Dramas and Movies (Pre-90s)                            Titles involving Workplaces [Educational]

My 10/10 Dramas                                                                            Titles with Survival Games

My 10/10 Movies                                                                             Titles with Illness

Favourite Screenwriters                                                              Titles with Time Travel / Time Loop

Favourite Actors and Actresses                                              Titles centering around a family

Favourite Directors                                                                        Titles with Yankee / Gangster Comedy

Must Watch Taiwanese Dramas                                              Titles on decent Live Action Manga Romances

Favourite Drama / Movie Pairings                                         Titles that feel like novels

Underrated Korean Dramas                                                      Titles with Mystery / Suspense

                                                             MDL Watch Challenge 2024

My ratings are based on how I found the drama / movie holistically in terms of writing, acting, direction, screenplay, cinematography and score,

10= Masterpiece / Perfect in all aspects; highly recommended for all

9.5= Close to perfection; highly recommended for all

9= Top tier but not without its flaws; highly recommended for all

8.5= Solid and have scope for re-watch [will recommend to those who enjoy the genre]

7.5 to 8= Strictly decent but worth a one time watch. I liked it, and had some fun watching it.

7= Average; had a lot of potential but never took off. I wanted to like it.

6-6.5= Kept me invested enough to finish it but was generally a frustrating watch. I didn't like it much.

Anything below 6= Don't recommend it. Wasted my time. 

-Do not rely on my ratings / reviews. If something interests you, watch it and form your own opinion. That's how you come across unexpected gems.-

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