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Turns out, there's really no place like home


Turns out, there's really no place like home

Favourite quotes

When Ibuki (Nishijima Takahiro) said this in the drama LTMYC I felt he described Exactly what I'm constantly going through. Having a dream gives life meaning, but in no way does it make life easier. 


When I read this I was really touched. Aren't we all always looking for someone to understand us, even is just s little?

I just love this quote; Self-reflective of how we humans take things for granted until we lose them.


Best line (and the only good one) in the whole movie


Here is how I got into watching Asian dramas!!! 

It all started during the summer of 2007. 

Well, my interest in Asian culture (particularly Japanese) started long before that, as I have always enjoyed watching anime and reading Manga. However, it never went further until I started watching dramas. I have always loved watching TV shows and movies.


I grew up watching (a lot) of anime while also watching Arabic serials with my family (mostly Egyptian, Syrian & sometimes those from the gulf).


Later during high school, I got into all those American high school soaps, supernatural, sci-fi, and detective shows. So I had been exposed to a few different genres of TV by then.

Anyways, back to what I was originally talking about.. summer 2007, my family got the Arabic satellite. With the package came KBS World, a Korean channel where everything is subtitled :D. At many times when there was nothing much to do, or to watch, I'd put that channel, curious of what I can find. I just got more and more attracted to it. Then I started following some shows. I finished the drama When Spring Comes& watched the whole Hello! My Lady on that channel. It wasn't until Single Dad In Love that I got really into it. Well, my Dissatisfaction with the ending was the cause. I was so disappointed in the show, and its ending that I couldn't believe it was the last episode. That is when I started looking up dramas online. I first looked it up to make sure THAT what the ending... and sadly it was. Then I discovered websites like mysoju and Dramacrazy that changed my world FOREVER!! One night after another, I'd watch more and more dramas until the sun rises. From Korean to Japanese, then even some Taiwanese. I wanted to watch EVERYTHING & ANYTHING.

From then on, my experience became similar to that of many drama addicts. You become more critical in the dramas you watch. You start developing a certain taste in choosing the next drama you'll watch (or more like the taste you always had in your choice of shows you usually watch elsewhere start to get applied here :P) and you even start preferring watching shows from one country over the other.




Early on I discovered that Taiwanese wasn't my thing. I did like a few of them, like Devil Beside You, and Bump Off Lover (one of the best mysteries ever!!), but most of them made Walt Disney movies look too realistic in comparison. I ended up mostly loving Japanese shows and found a lot of creativity and subtlety in their stories. But from time to time I do miss watching Korean, and listening to them bickering (I find the Korean language too cute). 

Lately, I found the new Korean dramas have something creative about them. They stopped following the usual course of the story, and make more realistic, less cliché, characters.


All in all, its been a wonderful time spending watching Asian drama, even more wonderful, find places, sites like this one, to share our passion :D

Eternal Fixation  :D


Odagiri Joe 

Its so hard balancing watching everything. I don't like to miss out on anything. But life keeps getting in the way.. and also shows from other countries.  At one point, I also got into a few British shows SO GOOD!!!

r1wXElPL_41af6e_f.jpg   V3WDmO24_231c36_f.jpg 

Richard Armitage ♥  in N&S

One actor I have always liked is 

PLpWgaE1_ea7f8a_f.jpgY4aKmD8L_8ec837_f.jpg 71NwKJlL_fabee1_f.jpg


& Since my first love and what I enjoy most has always been and will be anime!! you can see my anime list Here! I like the way MDL is managed more than MAL though ;)

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