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Hello, nice to meet you! You can call me Timi.

Random Things About Me [under construction]

  1. This is obvious but in case you're a younger person, I got my nickname after being influenced by the band who sang the theme song for Smallville.
  2. I mostly watch Jdramas because of its genre-specific nature and less number or episodes. Most Jdramas also don't unnecessarily include romance in a non-romance dramas, which what I love.
  3. I rate a drama an 8 by default. I would then add or deduct the rating by 0.5 depending on its flaws or added values.
  4. There are some occasions where I would give a drama/movie straight 8.5 rating despite of the minor flaws. This is when it has high entertainment value. Usually an action oriented or an ROFL comedy.
  5. I see myself as a drama person than a movie person. For some reason I have difficulty in finding dedicated time to watch movies. That's why I prefer serial drama format.
  6. I will accept all friend requests as long as the account is legit. I mean it has to have at least some dramas in the watchlist and not just a blank account.


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