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Watched in 2024

Dramas and movies that I watched in 2024.

77 titles
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Jidaigeki J Drama (non-TAIGA): My Ranking
39 titles 4 loves 2 comments
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Ikeido Jun

Dramas based on Ikeido Jun's novels that I have watched. Sorted from most to least favorite.

15 titles
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Business Theme

It looks like Business genre has been used in a more broader meaning in MDL, to the point that even dramas like Kodoku no Gurume and Survival…

26 titles 3 loves 4 comments
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Sakamoto Yuji

Dramas written by Sakamoto Yuji that I have watched. Sorted from most to least favorite.

22 titles 4 loves 5 comments
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Ultimate NHK Taiga Drama Favorite List

Vote for your favorite NHK Taiga drama(s)! You can add as many dramas as MDL allows (preferably only those you have watched). This list will…

30 titles 33 loves
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Kudo Kankuro

My ranking of Kudo Kankuro's drama that I have watched.

21 titles 2 loves
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Medical theme dramas that I have watched. Only those involving doctors and hospital as main focus.

33 titles
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Police Comedy

Comedy dramas involving police and detectives.

33 titles 2 loves 3 comments
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Japanese Work Dramas

List of drama that focus on work that the characters do. At least 80% of the series is about work and the other 20% could be on the drama/romance/friendship.…

74 titles 1 love
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Watched in 2023

What I have watched in 2023. For reference purpose.

87 titles 1 love
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NHK Taiga Drama: My Ranking
28 titles 8 loves 8 comments
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Watched in 2022

What I have watched in 2022 as far as I can recall.

108 titles
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Pursuing dream/career with mentor guidance

I like this kind of drama when:The MC starts from zero, preferably is an underdog and not genius/talented in the fieldMeets strict seniors/mentors…

32 titles 10 loves
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Top 10 Human Drama

Human Drama is an old genre term that's usually being used in dramawiki of D-Addicts in the old days. I know MDL don't use this tag as well…

10 titles 2 loves
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My Favorite Dramas to Rewatch
14 titles 3 loves