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In dramas,

I like: 

  • Bromance/friendship
  • Families
  • Well-written and unique characters
  • Well-paced plot

I dislike:

  • Romance (obviously I can somewhat live with this genre, otherwise I would have stopped watching Kdramas a long time ago)
  • Love triangles
  • Unhealthy relationships (including “cold/asshole male leads” and forced/contract marriages)

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2022 52 Week Drama Challenge

2023 52 Week Drama Challenge

2024 52 Week Drama Challenge

In real life,

I work in finance so I try to balance that with a lot of creative input in my free time. :)

I get obsessed with hobbies very quickly, and I lose interest in them just as quickly. Some things I've (more or less successfully) dabbled in are: Drawing, writing, sewing, playing the piano and guitar, photography, the saddest attempt of gardening in the world, blogging, vlogging, subbing, embroidery, and many more. My main hobby is learning languages, currently focusing on Finnish - Hauska tutustua Norwegian!

I'm also an editor on MDL, so feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about writing articles on here. Here's a One-Stop Guide to Writing Articles and here's the Forum Thread to Brainstorm Ideas. I'm willing to co-write if you're a new writer, especially if you want to write about non-Korean content (because we need more of it!)

Even if you're not planning on writing any articles, feel free to send me a message! I'm always happy to talk.

Find me here:

Tumblr - I exclusively reblog gifs and gush in the tags :)nahnahtonight
Discord - Join the MDL Discord!nahnahxyz
MyAnimeList - sometimes I watch anime (...rarely)
Goodreads/StoryGraph - I love books and should read more!!


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