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After the publication of Awesome Cdrama Rom-Coms to Watch on Any Day, Blizzardahm is back with another MDL writer and drama lover, Anushka, who has watched many Kdramas and would like to share them with the wonderful MDL community. There are Korean dramas of all genres, but if you want a fluffy or funny one, resorting to rom-coms is the best idea. 

Most Kdrama rom-coms have 16 episodes (1 hour - 1 hour 20 minutes long), and others have 32 episodes (35 minutes long, although some sites do put two 35-minute episodes together). Here is a list of Kdrama rom-coms with a diversity of tags that you can choose from. This is a two-part article series,  Part 1 will have modern Kdrama rom-coms and Part 2 will have classic, web drama, fantasy, science-fiction, and historical Korean drama rom-coms.

Drama topics (color-coded): 

High School
Boss/Employee Relationship
Marriage/Relationship Contracts

Age Gap
Love/Hate Relationship
Reply Series
Star-Crossed Lovers (with some fantasy)

Note: When a drama is in a certain category, it has the same tag (or genre) as the others in the category. (For example, Her Private Life does not have the tag "Boss/Employee Relationship" in its slot on this article, but it does have the tag on MDL because all dramas under the category have this tag.)

Note (2): This article DOES NOT contain all Kdrama rom-coms, but there is a good amount of them. We chose the dramas based on what we watched and would recommend.

Note (3): Dramas in each category are listed in random order.

Note (4): We added some notes to each category about some of the Kdramas and our opinions.

High School Rom-Coms (Common tags: High School, Student)
K-dramas always tend to focus on different things other than just being a rom-com.

High school dramas are not an exception, because, other than A Love So Beautiful (C-drama original story having the same title), all dramas speak about some serious topics such as school bullying, family issues, etc.
MDL rating: 28, 648 usersMDL rating: 8.2 (4, 398 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, School, Friendship, Youth, Mystery

Tags: School Bullying, Love Triangle, Amnesia, Twins, Childhood Friends, Hidden Identity
Genres: Romance, Comedy, School, Friendship, Youth

Tags: School Bullying, Hidden Past, Popular Female Lead, Social Media, Broadcasting Club, Male Chases Female First

MDL rating: 8.2 (18, 268 users)MDL rating: 8.1 (7, 305 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, School, Youth, Mystery


School Bullying, First Love, Friendship, Childhood Friends, Bromance, Love Triangle

Genres: Romance, Comedy, School, Family, Life

Tags: First Love, Love Triangle, Controlling Parent, Shy Male Lead, Multiple Couples, Strong Friendship

MDL rating: 8.4 (25, 1821 users)MDL rating: 7.8 (5, 878 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, School, Friendship, Youth

Tags: Adapted from a Webtoon, Love Triangle, Beauty Standards, Transfer Student, School Bullying, Naive Female Lead
Genres: Romance, Comedy, School, Friendship, Youth

Tags: Love Triangle, First Love, Female Chases Male First, Cold Man/Warm Woman, Smart Male Lead, Slice of Life

Office Rom-Coms (Common Tag: Office Romance)
These dramas are office-centered but are not boss-employee relationships.

She Would Never Know has the tag of Older Woman/Younger Man. They actually only have a 1-year age gap, but they do have a big difference in terms of maturity and work experience.
Romance is a Bonus Book has a little slow-burn romance so it's not going to be fast-paced when it comes to romance.
MDL rating: 8.3 (3, 420 users)MDL rating: 8.1 (5, 431 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Politics

Tags: Politics, Eccentric Female Lead, Strong FL, Aggressive Male Lead, Corruption, Sismance, Friends to Lovers
Genres: Romance, Comedy

Tags: Older Woman/Younger Man, Male Chases Female First, Cosmetics Company, Love Triangle, Age Gap

MDL rating: 7.9 (8, 917 users)MDL rating: 8.1 (20, 023 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Melodrama

Tags: Airport, Cold Man/Warm Woman, Male Chases Female First, Mature Protagonist, Flashback to Past
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Business, Youth

Tags: Competition, App Developer, Artificial Intelligence, Lying, Love Triangle, Hardworking Female & Male Lead

MDL rating: 7.6 (11,430 users) MDL rating: 8.3 (25,695 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Business

Tags: Male Chases Female Lead First, Childhood Love, Possessive Male Lead, Famous Lead/Common Lead, First Love
Genres: Friendship, Romance, Comedy, Business, Life, Drama, Melodrama

Tags: Friends To Lovers, Cohabitation, Smart Male Lead, Childhood Friends, Slow Burn Romance 

MDL rating: 8.2 (13,036 users) MDL rating: 7.9 (19,106 users) 
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Friendship, Family

Tags: Love Triangle, Bromance, Steamy Kiss, Arrogant Male Lead, Eccentric Female Lead, Hate To Love 
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Business, Drama, Melodrama

Tags: Social Anxiety Disorder, Healing, Rich Male Lead, Suicide Secret, Nice Male Lead

Boss/Employee Relationship Rom-Coms (Common tag: Boss/Employee Relationship)
The list of Boss/Employee office rom-coms was terribly long, so we chose the most enjoyable ones in our opinions. They are pretty common but have a big influence.

Falling For Innocence is hilarious in many ways, especially with the male lead's personality.

Kill Me, Heal Me is sure worth trying even if it is a little old. The acting is just phenomenal.

Strong Woman Do Bo Song tries to break many stereotypes by having the female lead as a 'hero', plus the male lead is a MOOD. It does have a thriller side but it is very fluffy as well!
MDL rating: 8.2 (13, 647 users)MDL rating: 8.7 (65, 639 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Business, Melodrama

Tags: Eccentric Male lead, Male Chases Female First, Hardworking Female Lead, Love Triangle, Heart Transplant, Rich Man/Poor Woman
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Supernatural, Thriller, Action

Tags: Strong Female Lead, Love Triangle, Superhuman Strength, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Bodyguard, Bromance

MDL rating: 8.5 (49, 293 users)MDL rating: 8.7 (36, 219 users)

Genres: Romance, Comedy,

Tags: Adapted From a Webtoon, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Childhood Acquaintance, Secretary, Tragic Past
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Psychological

Tags: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Trauma, Boss/Employee Relationship, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Heir, PTSD

MDL rating: 8.1 (36, 918 users)MDL rating: 8.4 (27, 710 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Friendship

Tags: Childhood Friends, Hidden Identity, Character Development, Love Triangle, Sassy Female Lead, Sismance
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Friendship, Business, Family, Life

Tags: Gallery Curator, Independent Female Lead, Idol, Pretend Relationship, Love Triangle, Tragic Past

MDL rating: 8.1 (13, 281 users)MDL rating: 8.2 (8, 348 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Business, Mystery

Tags: Prosopagnosia, Double Identity, Secretary, Arrogant Male Lead, Secondary Couple, Rich Man/Poor Woman
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Business

Tags: Reverse Harem, Male Chases Female First, Love/Hate Relationship, Cold Man/Warm Woman, Love Triangle

MDL rating: 7.8 (13,613 users)
My Secret Romance 
MDL rating: 7.6 (26,858 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Friendship, Business, Drama

Tags: Eccentric Male Lead, Healing, Mysophobia, Cohabitation, Height Difference
Genres: Friendship, Romance, Comedy, Life, Drama

Tags: One-Night Stand, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Adapted From A Web Novel, Cooking, Fast-Paced Romance 

Marriage Contracts/Contract Relationships Rom-Coms (Common Tags: Marriage Contract, Contract Relationship)
Because This is My First Life has one of the coldest male leads I've ever seen but this is what makes it more fun. How can I forget that I was interested in the second lead's story here? (Which rarely happens.)

Noble, My Love is a short drama, but an interesting watch.  

Something About 1 Percent has the sizzling chemistry between the leads, and although male lead is kinda 'nope' and very possessive, it actually didn't affect me much as it sure was fun.
MDL rating: 8.2 (23, 773 users)MDL rating: 8.5 (33, 202 users)

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Family, Business

Tags: One-Night Stand, Pregnancy, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Naive Female Lead, Heir, Marriage of Convenience
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Friendship, Life

Tags: Cohabitation, Multiple Couples, Sismance, Writer, Workplace Abuse, Cat, Strong Female Characters

MDL rating: 8.1 (7, 730 users) Prime Minister and I MDL rating: 7.3 (8,016 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Family, Melodrama

Tags: Single Parent, Terminal Illness, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Older Man/Younger Woman, Child, Hate to Love
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family

Tags: Single Father, Age Gap, Journalism, Older Man/Younger Woman  

MDL rating: 8.2 (16,003 users) MDL rating: 8.2 (20,943 users) 
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Tags: Possessive Male Lead, Teacher, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Strong Female Lead, Sassy Female Lead
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family

Tags: Bickering Couple, Controlling Parent, Cold Man/Warm Woman, Eccentric Female Lead, Love/Hate Relationship 

Lie to Me

MDL rating: 7.5 (19,169 users) MDL rating: 7.6 (14,338 users)
Genres: Comedy, Romance

Tags: Coming To Age, Pretend Relationship, Lying, Steamy Kiss, Heir 
Genres: Comedy, Romance

Tags: Possessive Male Lead, Male Chases Female First, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Web Series, Cheerful Female Lead

Sports Rom-Coms (Common Genre: Sports)
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is a full dose of fluff and cuteness. And not just in the aspect of romance but it's very appealing having such a great portrayal of friendship, too.

Fight For My Way lives up to its name. It's about the struggle of finding the right way to lead your life. It teaches many things but it never loses its rom-com vibe, and it keeps that smile on your face when you are watching it.

I wouldn't exactly call Oh My Venus a sports rom-com but I really like how it tries to focus on being healthy (it's not just about having a good appearance).

Run On fits more as a life lessons drama that teaches self-love. 
MDL rating: 8.8 (57,758 users)MDL rating: 8.5 (36,763 users)
Genres: Friendship, School, Romance, Comedy, Sports, Youth

Tags: College Life, Friends To Lovers, Dream, Tomboy, Strong Female Lead, Slow Burn Romance 
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Business, Friendship, Sports

Tags: Childhood Friends, Friends To Lovers, Strong Male Lead, Strong Female Lead, Personal Growth

MDL rating: 8.4 (15,082 users) MDL rating: 8.3 (33,618 users) 
Genres: Romance, Drama, Sports, Life

Tags: Strong Female Lead, Calm Male Lead, Nice Male Lead, Female Chases Male First, Secondary Couple 
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Law, Sports, Friendship, Drama

Tags: Weight Loss, Cohabitation, Bromance, Hidden Identity, Rich Male Lead, Hardworking Male Lead

Medical Rom-Coms (Common Genre: Medical, Common Tag: Doctor)
There aren't many medical romcoms, but here are a few.

A Poem a Day is more than just a rom-com. You'll get many life lessons through it. It's a beautiful journey and I just love the leads.

Emergency Couple is hilarious. Well, I guess its poster gives that vibe for sure! But the leads did a great job in acting here and their chemistry rocks.

Descendants of the Sun does not just focus on the medical genre but it sure has a big role.

Doctors is also a fun and interesting drama, but it has a slightly bigger age gap so just keep that in mind. The female lead is such a badass and is also talented.
MDL rating: 7.9 (5, 026 users)MDL rating: 8.0 (20, 330 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Medical, Life, Drama

Tags: Poetry, Love Triangle, Female Chases Male First, Hospital, Doctor, Cold Man/Warm Woman, Nice Female Lead
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Medical, Drama

Tags: Blind Date, Marriage, Divorced Couple, Ex-spouse Relationship, Love/Hate Relationship, Second Chance

MDL rating: 8.7 (57, 098 users)MDL rating: 7.8 (23, 427 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Medical, Military, Action, Melodrama

Tags: Soldier, Doctor, Gun Violence, Bromance, Multiple Couples, Strong Friendship, Male Chases Female First
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Medical, Drama

Tags: Older Man/Younger Woman, Student/Teacher Relationship, Nice Male Lead, Male Chases Female First, Badass Female Lead

Food Rom-Coms (Common Genre: Food)
Friendly suggestion: don't watch if you are hungry.

Wok of Love lives up to its genres: Romance, Comedy, and Food. It doesn't distract from them and tries to get serious haha.

My Lovely Sam Soon is much older... It might not fit your taste if you are more into modern dramas, but it's one of those dramas worth experimenting with to get out of your comfort zone.

Oh yes! Oh My Ghostess has a ghost in it, but don't worry! It's not scary at all and you'll love the ghost more, haha... Well, it's not only focused on food but it is an important factor as both leads are chefs.
MDL rating: 8.0 (7, 658 users)MDL rating: 7.5 (6, 487 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Food

Tags: Cooking, Boss/Employee Relationship, Love Triangle, Cold Man/Warm Woman, Older Woman/Younger Man
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Life, Food

Tags: Love Triangle, Older Woman/Younger Man, Chef, Second Chance Romance, Writer, First Love

MDL rating: 7.9 (13, 114 users)MDL rating: 8.4 (34, 517 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Family, Drama, Food

Tags: Love Triangle, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Woman Loves Eating, Older Woman/Younger Man, Boss/Employee Relationship
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Supernatural, Sitcom, Food

Tags: Ghost, Chef, Boss/Employee Relationship, Identity Swap, Ghost-Seeing Female Lead, Love Triangle

Music Rom-Coms (Common Genre: Music)
Thirty But Seventeen and Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol are very different from each other but the common thing they have is the heartwarming and feel-good story. I'm more in favor of Thirty But Seventeen as it really impressed me in many ways. It's heart-touching, emotional, and was a memorable ride.

Do You Like Brahms? is a slow burn but the interactions the leads have are so cute and natural. The awkwardness they have at the start is very real but later you'll see them getting more and more comfortable with each other.

Dream High is definitely old but gold!
MDL rating: 8.5 (20, 479 users)MDL rating: 7.7 (8, 936 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Music, Mystery

Tags: First Love, Cohabitation, Tragic Past, Naive Female Lead, Trauma, Musical Prodigy
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Music, Melodrama

Tags: Pianist, Nice Male Lead, Riches to Rags, Male Chases Female First, Classical Music, Hardworking Male Lead

MDL rating: 8.1 (6, 072 users)MDL rating: 7.5 (12, 615 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Friendship, Music, Melodrama

Tags: Violinist, Pianist, Love Triangle, Classical Music, Friends to Lovers, First Love, Perseverance, University Student
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Music, Friendship, Youth

Tags: Music Competition, Adapted From a Manga, Bromance, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Cold Man/Warm Woman, Band, Singing

MDL rating: 7.5 (30, 223 users)MDL rating: 8.0 (33, 564 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, School, Youth, Music

Tags: College Life, Love Triangle, Competition, Band, Cold Man/Warm Woman, Singer-Songwriter, Female Chases Male First
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Music, School, Friendship

Tags: High School, School Bullying, Childhood Friends, Love Triangle, Character Development

Cross Dressing Rom-Coms (Common Tag: Cross-Dressing)
As you can see, there aren't any new dramas here, so I'll say Cross-Dressing is a bit of an old trope in K-dramas (though there is Love in the Moonlight and The Tale of Nokdu, which are more recent dramas).

Coffee Prince would be perfect to represent this tag. You might get mixed feelings while watching it, but it's worth giving try. It's a must-watch if you want to explore everything in K-dramas.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal is historical, friendship is also one of the focuses of this drama. Another fact I like about it is that it doesn't get very political near the end as many historicals tend to do.
MDL rating: 8.1 (44,977 users)MDL rating: 8.3 (39,286 users) 
Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Music, Romance, Drama

Tags: Celebrity, Love Triangle, House Mates, Identity Swap, Bromance, Idol, Twin Exchange
Genres: Food, Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Tags: Hidden Identity, Tomboy, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Coffee Shop, Hardworking Female Lead, Bromance 

Sungkyunkwan ScandalMDL rating: 8.2 (18,867 users) MDL rating: 7.5 ( 28,374 users) 
Genres: Historical, Romance, Comedy, School

Tags: Bromance, Hidden Identity, Joseon Dynasty, Love Triangle, Roommates, Friendship 
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Youth, Drama, Sports

Tags: High School, Adapted From A Manga, School Dorm, High Jump, Celebrity, Idol Actress/Actor

Age Gap Rom-Coms (Common Tag: Older Woman/Younger Man)
Search: WWW is actually more focused on other themes, but we get two couples with age gaps. To be honest, I'm more inclined to the second couple as they are so cute together and have the most interesting plotline.

Flower Boy Ramen Shop is kinda old, so you see many clichés and old tropes.

Encounter has a special place for me in this section, it's always been a heartwarming and feel-good journey. I was mesmerized by the very first episode, not just by its stunning cinematography but by the interesting first encounter between the leads. It has a beautiful soundtrack as well.
MDL rating: 8.1 (9,143 users) 

Search: WWW

MDL rating: 8.5 ( 13,187 users)
Genres: Romance, Business, Life, Drama, Melodrama, Political

Tags: Cuba, Nice Male Lead, Filmed Abroad, Boss/Employee Relationship, Conglomerate 
Genres: Business, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family, Political

Tags:  Strong Female Characters, Smart Female Lead, Successful Female Lead, Female Centered Plot, Sismance, Social Media,

MDL rating: 8.0 (10,122 users)MDL rating: 7.4 (18,706 users) 
Genres: Business, Comedy, Romance

Tags: Older Woman/Younger Man, Nice Male Lead, Steamy Kiss, Ex-Boyfriend Comes Back, Warm Man/Cold Woman, Love Triangle, Cohabitation
Genres: Food, Comedy, Romance, School

Tags: Love Triangle, Age Gap, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Clingy Male Lead, Heir, Male Chases Female First, Restaurant

Love/Hate Relationship Rom-Coms (Common Tag: Love/Hate Relationship)
Hate To Love is a very common trope where the leads' interactions start with bickering.

Boys Over Flowers and Secret Garden would be classic examples, but Secret Garden is also fantasy with body swap.

Another Miss Oh and So I Married an Anti Fan are definitely fun and interesting watches, no one can deny that the leads have really great chemistry in both of them. Another common theme they have is that you won't like the male lead at the start but then you start to adore him.  

So I Married an Anti-Fan is a perfect example of a hate-to-love drama, and it also provides good insight into the hardships of the entertainment industry.
MDL rating: 8.3 (19,122 users)MDL rating: 8.0 (4, 956 users)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Family, Melodrama, Supernatural

Tags: Steamy Kiss, Neighbors, Cold Man/Warm Woman, Precognition, Eccentric Female Lead, Strong Female Characters, Secondary Couple

Genres: Music, Comedy, Romance

Tags: Enemies To Lovers, Idol Actor, Celebrity, Famous Lead/Common Lead, Cohabitation, Misunderstanding, Rich Male Lead, Adapted From A Novel

MDL rating: 7.8 (33,222 users)


MDL rating: 8.3 (16,505 users)

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Drama

Tags: Cohabitation, Hardworking Female Lead, Reverse-Harem, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Rich Male Lead, Housemates, Strong Female Lead, Cold Man/Warm Woman

Genres: Military, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Melodrama, Political

Tags: Royalty, Strong Female Lead, Reunification Of Korea, Badass Female Lead, Alternate Reality, Hardworking Female Lead, Power Struggle

Secret Garden

MDL rating: 8.3 (42,007 users)MDL rating: 7.6 (59,965 users)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Melodrama, Supernatural

Tags: Body Swap, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Hardworking Female Lead, Hot-tempered Female Lead, Male Chases Female First

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, School, Drama, Youth

Tags: Rich Man/Poor Woman, Adapted From A Manga, Arrogant Male Lead, Reverse-Harem

Law Rom-Coms (Common Genre: Law)

The fluffiest and cutest drama in this genre is Touch Your Heart as it mostly focuses on romance instead of law.

Suspicious Partner and Your Honor have a bit of mystery and also have law as a major factor. 

In Miss Hammurabi, you aren't getting heavy romance, but it sure has great chemistry between the leads and their cute interactions are a plus.

MDL rating: 8.3 (33, 385 users)MDL rating: 8.3 (23, 102 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Law, Suspense, Crime, Thriller

Tags: Cohabitation, Nice Male Lead, Serial Killer, Tragic Past, Hardworking Female Lead
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Law, Life, Drama

Tags: Famous Lead/Common Lead, Lawyer, Law Firm, Office Romance, Hardworking Female Lead

MDL rating: 8.1 (3, 441 users)MDL rating: 8.2 (7, 817 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Law, Drama

Tags: Twins, Identity Swap, Tragic Past, Revenge, Prosecutor, Ex-Convict, Boss/Employee Relationship.

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Law, Life, Friendship

Tags: Social Problems, Sassy Female Lead, First Love, Male Chases Female First, Slow Burn Romance, Childhood Friends

Friendship Rom-Coms (Common Genre: Friendship)
As its title suggests, Record of Youth is more focused on the youth, their dreams, plans, and how they deal with everything while trying to balance personal life and career. It started on a cute note but it becomes a bit serious over time.

Be Melodramatic and Age of Youth are more female-centered dramas.  I really love their friendship and how they try to help each other out in every situation. Yup, we are getting romance here, too! So take it as the full package.

Hwarang is a fun drama that has a lot of fluff and funny moments in its initial episodes. But, as it's historical Kdrama, it sure gets serious in later episodes by adding some political stuff. The friendship is truly gold here.
MDL rating: 7.6 (12,035 users)MDL rating: 8.5 ( 5,927 users)

Genres: Friendship, Romance, Youth, Family, Melodrama

Tags: Dysfunctional Family, Hardworking Male Lead, Love Triangle, Grandpa-Grandson Relationship

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Life, Melodrama

Tags: Multiple Mains, Sismance, Strong Female Lead, Multiple Couples, Housemates, Eccentric Female Lead, Writer

MDL rating: 7.9 (16,431 users)MDL rating: 8.6 (22,825 users)

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Youth, Drama

Tags: Childhood Friends, Best Friends, Nice Male Lead, Strong Friendship, First Love, Friends To Lovers,  Cohabitation

Genres: Friendship, Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Life, Youth, Drama

Tags: Housemates, Female Centered Plot Multiple Mains, College Life, Strong Female Lead, Coming Of Age

MDL rating: 8.9 (9,662 users)MDL rating: 8.0 (26,177 users)

Genres: Friendship, Mystery, Comedy, Romance, School

Tags: Student/Teacher Relationship, Corruption, Second Chance Romance,  Wrongfully Accused, Nice Male Lead

Genres: Action, Friendship, Historical, Comedy, Romance, Martial Arts

Tags: Bromance, Love Triangle, Hidden Identity, Strong Male Lead, Silla Dynasty, Identity Swap Jinheung

Family Rom-Coms (Common Genre: Family)
The next two dramas aren't normal-length K-dramas. Instead, they are more like sitcoms as they have 50 - 100 episodes. However, they are worth it! They have the perfect balance of romance and comedy with being family dramas and having multiple couples.

My personal favorite is My Father is Strange. I didn't just love all couples and their interactions and stories but the relationship between the siblings was amazing, too.
MDL rating: 8.6 (7,973 users)MDL rating: 8.5 (2,514 users)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family

Tags: Huge Family, Family Secret, Sisterhood, Eccentric Female Lead,  Multiple Couples, Strong Female Lead,

Genres: Business, Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama, Family

Tags: Divorce, Family Relationship, Multiple Couples, Multiple Mains, Huge Family, Married Couple, Divorced Couple

Reply Series 
The Reply Series is one of the most iconic and heartwarming series in Kdramaland. In fact, the stories of all three don't overlap with each other so you can watch every drama as a standalone. I'm a bit partial to Reply 1988. :')

They're rom-coms so we are getting romance and many funny moments, the friendship between the all lead characters is the  most important aspect, and... how can I forget the 'Bromance.'
MDL rating: 9.0 (23,443 users)MDL rating: 8.1 (12,335 users)

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Life, Youth, Drama

Tags: Slice Of Life, Neighbors, Childhood Friends, Multiple Couples, Love Triangle, High School, Coming Of Age, Bromance

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth, Drama, Sports

Tags: College Life, Love Triangle, Childhood Friends, Student,  Unrequited Love, Bromance, Multiple Couples

MDL rating: 8.6 (29,805 users)

Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, Life, School, Youth

Tags: High School, Childhood Friends, First Love, Strong Friendship, Friends To Lovers, Love Square, Unrequited Love, Love Triangle

Star-Crossed Lovers Rom-Coms (Common Tag: Star-Crossed Lovers)
You Who Came From the Stars, Scripting Your Destiny, The Legend of the Blue Sea, and Goblin are fantasy Kdramas. Bride of the Century is supernatural. Bride of the Century doesn't focus on the supernatural genre if we compare it to the other drama having the same genre.

Do I have to give an introduction to Goblin? I guess it's one of the best well-known dramas. But yeah, you'll enjoy bromance more than romance here for sure. ;D And its OSTs are gold.

Crash Landing On You is ace when it comes to Star-Crossed Lovers while You Who Came From the Stars is an absolute classic and a must-watch (in my opinion).

Scripting Your Destiny gives strong vibes of Goblin from the poster to the opening scene but trust me, it's different when it comes to plot. Though it's a short drama, it did really well with aspects like cinematography and music, and also gives justice to the story.
MDL rating: 8.9 (44, 866 users)MDL rating: 8.6 (55, 096 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Military, Political, Drama

Tags: North and South Korea, Lovers From Different Countries, Army Officer, Rich Female Lead, Sismance
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Melodrama

Tags: Alien, Interspecies Romance, Famous Actress, Time Manipulation, Special Power, Neighbors

MDL rating: 7.9 (11, 530 users)MDL rating: 7.9 (1, 464 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Supernatural, Mystery

Tags: Arranged Marriage, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Heir, Love Triangle, Love/Hate Relationship, Double Identity
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

Tags: Deity-Human Relationship, First Love, Hidden Identity, Flashback to Past, Writer, Forbidden Love, Web Series

MDL rating: 8.4 (36, 980 users) MDL rating: 8.9 (67, 688 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama

Tags: Mermaid, Interspecies Romance, Naive Female Lead, Reincarnated Lovers, Housemates, Evil Stepmother
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural, Melodrama

Tags: Grim Reaper, Interspecies Romance, Age Gap, Bromance, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Ghost-seeing FL

Youth Rom-Coms (Common Genre: Youth)
W.H.Y and Wednesday 3:30 PM are short web series, with them being 120 minutes long and 300 minutes long, respectively.

Youth Kdramas always try to focus on the problems the youth are facing in their perspectives. So yeah, these stories sure are refreshing.

Lovestruck in the City isn't the regular kind of drama. It's more like a documentary, they did well with many aspects here and if you like to explore something different, it has that element.
MDL rating: 8.0 (7, 423 users)MDL rating: 7.4 (3, 811 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Youth, Life

Tags: Break Up, Flashback to Past, Multiple Couples, Double Identity, Best Friends, Character Development

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Youth, Drama

Tags: Multiple Lovers, Self-Centered Character, First Love, Love Triangle, Unrequited Love, Sismance, Female Chases Male First

MDL rating: 8.1 (34, 091 users)MDL rating: 7.9 (7, 254 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Life, School, Youth, Friendship, Psychological

Tags: Beauty Standards, Plastic Surgery, College Life, Nice Female Lead, School Bullying, Female Antagonist, Friends to Lovers, Healing
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Youth, Friendship, Business, Life

Tags: Entrepreneur, Debt, Love Triangle, Multiple Couples, Delivery Man/Woman, Abusive Parents

MDL rating: 8.0 (1, 822 users)MDL rating: 7.9 (6, 127 users)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Youth, Life, Friendship, Drama

Tags: Multiple Couples, Older Woman/Younger Man, Web Series, Miniseries, Bromance, Unrequited Love
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Youth, Friendship, Life

Tags: Childhood Friends, Love Triangle, Web Series, Cohabitation, Nice Male Lead, Breakup, Friends to Lovers

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