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slowly returning to dramaland


slowly returning to dramaland

❀    ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Welcome to my profile! ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙     ❀

❥• Amy, Chinese name Xuehan

❥• ABC (American Born Chinese)

❥• Trilingual in English, Mandarin and Spanish

❥• Major Cdrama fan (and occasionally watches a Kdrama or Jdrama!)

══════ ∘◦❀◦∘ ══════
 Pianist  Artist♡ Writer ♡ 

More About Me

Hello! I'm Amy, you can also call me Blizzard. I'm American Born Chinese and fluent in Mandarin, something I'm extremely thankful to have. 

My parents are from Sichuan, the second most populated province in China, and moved to the US for university. I simply love Sichuan. The food is amazing, the experience exquisite. If you ever get the chance to try authentic Sichuan food, be sure to order Fuqi Fei Pian, Mapo Tofu, and of course, hot pot! I can never get enough of hot pot.  And a lot of Chinese actors and actresses are from Sichuan! Gong Jun, Wang Hedi, Luo Yunxi, Li Yifeng. Tan Songyun, Zhao Lusi, Ju Jingyi, Wu Jinyan, Chen Yuqi. 

My journey with Cdramas started as a child in my paternal grandparents' apartment in China. My grandfather (yeye) loves to watch historical dramas, many of which involve Chinese civil wars and investigation dramas, and I loved to sit and watch with him. If bouts of drama amnesia didn't strike me, I would have had plenty more dramas to add to my list.

I absolutely adore historical dramas as well as rom-coms! You might think I'm crazy for loving those 50+ ep dramas but they're just my cup of tea! (and don't forget my huge love for Xianxias and Wuxias!)

I love drawing, writing, reading, crafting, and of course, watching Cdramas. Cdramas have brought that extra spark to my life, bringing anticipation and excitement for the episodes to come, the lovely OSTs, and the talented actors. If you visit me in China, you might see me watching an old historical drama with my relatives. 

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❀    ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Thanks for visiting!  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙     ❀

Have an amazing day, my friend!


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