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Forgotten alley of lost dreams.


Forgotten alley of lost dreams.

 A 19 year old boi who loves to spend 24*7 in his bedroom considering it as an imaginary prison

 Just trying to escape reality by indulging in the Anime and drama world ❤️ 

 Motto of life: It's okay to not be okay cuz it is what it is

 I give generous ratings because I respect their hardworks and efforts  

Anime's essence is etched in my soul, becoming my life's core beyond words or emotions.

• Countries you watch:  Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Thai series are my all-time preference.

•Genres you watch: In straight cut answer- Romance.

Genres I don't like or tend to usually avoid: Historicals 

•Do you binge or space it out? Lil'  of both. Actually, it dependa bits on my study schedule as I'm currently a uni student. Most of the time I go with the flow. But I prefer to binge shows and Anticipating each week's new episode brings a unique blend of excitement, eagerness, and suspense, painting emotions that words can't capture fully.

•What do you expect out of your dramas? In the case of suspense-thriller, I expect my dramas to make me hooked with the plot twists and in the case of romance, I prefer it to make me feel butterflies in my stomach with the chemistry between leads. I also like Sad or trauma-filled films and shows captivate me because my soul feels lifeless, and the resulting emptiness oddly satisfies me.

Other about me:
// I'm a uni student who is figuring out dreams.
// Started my Dramaland journey in the month of Nov or Dec in the year 2022.
// Got into K-pop in may 2023. I'm an Old Blink(since 2019) or Uaena. but I also listen to  aespa,svt,bts,newjeans ... and the list continues .
// My hobbies are watching/binging dramas, listening to music, reading novels, etc


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