because it's also about disaster and survival
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Recomendado por Cheshire
It's also an epidemic movie with one main character who wants to save his family and whole South Korea.
Recomendado por Sato
Extraordinary presentation of a mass disaster involving a human disease, epidemic type scenario. Breath-taking sense of suspense, panic and horror. Great acting by the MC and all other supporting actors. Horrifyingly realistic depiction of body-horror through expert special effects. Characters are fleshed out with a back story that makes the viewer care about what happens to them. Generally positive ending but a background of unease regarding what might come next.
Recomendado por FrothyMix
Both of them are science fiction thriller which deals epidemic virus that affects population inkorea.
If you like this kind of movies, you should watch both.
Recomendado por doragon
They are both disaster movies that allows you to see how a certain disease, especially an epidemic, affects the lives of the people that suffers from them. Both are emotional and provokes empathy.
Recomendado por steph
Both the plots revolve around a disaster and the need for them to survive for their lives. Good thrillers.
Recomendado por SathishBalaji
So they are both disaster movies, with main characters who have children.
Both about a virus spreading to innocent people and will probably bring tears to your eyes
Recomendado por Orangey
Creatures create havoc, in Deranged it's a parasite. Both are centered in water creatures. Thriller, suspense
Recomendado por josefina_
Both movies are about survival and big disasters. The danger is really different, in The Tower is the fire set in a tall building in the middle of Seul while in Deranged is something like a national plague that makes people jump to the rivers. But in both movies there is caos and crowds trying to survive. Some people only take care of themselves while others do everything they can to save the ones they love. In addition, both of them are big Korean productions, the scenarios and special effects are great.
Recomendado por kestrel
both deal with crisis management. Things must be done as soon as possible and both movies show how time is used during dangerous situations
Recomendado por yoondahyeon
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