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Hello!               안녕!               !مرحبًا

Basic info

  • Late 20s
  • She/her
  • INFJ-T
  • Biotech graduate turned data analyst
  • Working in the aviation industry
  • Bilingual; native Arabic speaker who is also proficient in English

I'm NOT a drama addict. Don't get me wrong, I like watching dramas but I can't be expected to watch many dramas in the season/year. I may choose one, or even none if they don't grab my attention.

I usually enjoy movies and variety shows more than dramas.

Also, I don't listen to K-pop.

Favorite genres are mystery, thriller, psychological, and historical.

In 2018 or 2019, I started using the stars (Full or half star) to gauge my rating, with no half points used (in the regular rating 5.5 or 6.5). I find it more accurate and I don't just utilize the high scores.

= 1

★☆☆☆☆ = 2

☆☆☆  = 3


★★★★★ = 10

I'm a retired approval staff.
Please check the Guidelines for submitting new dramas, movies, and actors to make their job faster and easier. If you need any help just send them a message, you can find their profiles here.

Also, if you have time and can help add the missing titles/actors, please join here:


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