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Dez 17, 2012
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First off, I admittedly watched this movie because I am a huuuge Dongwan and Shinhwa fan (SHINCHANG FOREVER) so I watched it without much expectations.

Boy, I was so wrong! It basically tells the story about Korea being hit by a health epidemic, with thousands dying for no reason. The scenes are acted out so realistically, it makes one actually feel nervous watching it because of the fear that it may come true. The acting was superb - I cannot find fault in any of the cast and the plot was tightly clinched in all the right places without it being too complicated (like most epidemic movies). I gave the music a 7 because I wasn't really paying attention to it (oops!)

Special mention goes out to Kim Myungmin for his portrayal of Jae Hyuk - my heart ached with him from start to end. He really is a good actor.

(and Dongwan just looks lovely here *____* one more reason to watch it!)

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Nov 2, 2013
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This movie had me in suspense from beginning untill the end. They really catched my attention, and kept it right into that movie! The story is great and well executed! It is logical and very understandable! Also they will make you feel angry at times, feel in despair and feel bad for certain characters!
I was amazed how they acted! They were really good and I can't wait for more of some of these actors!
They picked the right music, sometimes it wasn't my taste but that is personal.
I would rewatch this movie and I would recommend it to anyone who like some action, a good story and some suspense!

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Jun 21, 2020
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Fell Asleep

I was bored.

I'd like to believe that Deranged is a poor misinterpretation of the title. If it is not, then this movie is poorly named. Frenzied is probably more appropriate. Basically, a man is trying to save his family from a pandemic. His ex-colleague is trying to cure it, while is brother, a cop, is trying to get down to the bottom of the misshapen corpses being found in waterways.

The premise is sound. The execution was not. There are plot holes that can't be ignored. The writing was slow. I think some crucial scenes remained on the cutting room floor. The acting was good enough. It wasn't great nor was it poor. It just was. The music conveyed the emotion of the scenes so it was good.

Overall, I would not recommend this movie. There's no way I would have fallen asleep late morning on a thriller unless it was much less than thrilling.

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