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Lost in Dramaland


Lost in Dramaland
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2024: C-Dramas Completed
23 titles 1 love
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2024: K-Dramas Completed
19 titles 1 love
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Better MDL: Favorites

Personal ratings between 9-10.  Very subjective, of course. 

58 titles 3 loves 2 comments
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No Dubbing C-Historical - Actors/Actresses own voices

Actors and Actresses using their own voices (particularly the main cast) - post-production and live recording.  Might have one or two supporting…

24 titles 18 loves
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Male Characters I love...Ideal man!

Ideal boyfriend, husband, lover, partner.  

22 titles 6 loves
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Dramas I've dropped
19 titles
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2022: C-Dramas Completed
83 titles 1 love
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Great Action/Combat/Fight Scenes

These dramas/movies might not be great, but they have pretty good and action scenes - no flimsy sword fighting, no aimlessly swinging their…

18 titles 2 loves 1 comment
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HDC Historical Dramas: FINAL ROUND

The FINAL VOTE!   The top 3  from this list will comprise the first Historical Drama Club Hall of Fame. You can vote for a maximum of 3 titles…

5 titles 3 loves 7 comments
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2021: C-Dramas Watched

List is sorted by my Watch date chronologically (latest to oldest).  Not including shows I dropped.

99 titles
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2021: K-Dramas Watched

List sorted by Watch Date chronologically (Latest to Oldest).

34 titles
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2020: C-Dramas Watched
3 titles
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2020: K-Dramas Watched

Started binge-watching K-dramas during the Covid-19 pandemic in June 2020.  I didn't write any reviews because I find it hard to give a rating,…

114 titles