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Drama A Day Keeps Stress Away!


Drama A Day Keeps Stress Away!
This is where it all Begins
This journey begin around the end of 2019, when I accidently clicked one of the clip of K-drama, and that's all I needed to find a new part of  my life

Back when I was a kid, I did used to watch some of TV shows from Japan and Korea but had no idea that there could a lot more to watch & explore.
I already knew K-Pop, thanks to PSY's Gangnam Style, which was actually my first K-Pop song I ever heard and thanks to channels like Cartoon Network / Disney / Jetix, I entered into the Anime's world
My Journey soo far....
Back in 2019,  I didn't have much time to spare to complete a drama and quickly start the new one. I was hardly able to complete 1-2 EPs per day.
But when the lockdown arrived at early 2020, I was able to put some good amount of time in watching all of these. Slowly, as I kept on exploring, my obsession over drama & movies begin soon.

I try to watch all origins of Asian drama including the ones which are not available / present on MyDramaList. I would basically watch any Genre, and never drop any drama or movie,  even though it is not upto my taste or boring, I still make sure to complete it, just to satisfy my curiosity, how it ends.

Now even after all these years I can proudly say that I am not yet done with all the dramas & movies. This journey will continue till the end until I complete them all if possible.

I don't usually rate a drama until I have seen atleast 4 EPs. I believe that every drama has different pace/development.

So I always make sure to watch atleast 4 EPs of drama to rate it, and for the movies, I always do it at the very end, once I have totally completed it.
 This is what I call a Perfection!!!
⫸ 10.0
100/100 Just Perfect!, can't get any better than this. Loved every minute  of it. This is what you call "Perfect Definition of Life & Time Worthy".
Fantastic! It was soo Good!!
⫸ 9.5

Excellent!! It almost had everything I needed. Just would have wanted something more or less. I can keep watching this again and again
⫸ 9.0 – 8.5

Great!! I enjoyed watching this. It had some flaws  (OR)  few EPs/scene were unnecessary but, I would definitely be watching this again.
⫸ 8.0 – 7.5
It was Good! It either had a simple / repetitive / predictable plot  (OR)  the 1st half was great but 2nd half was not so good. Overall, I did like it. Surely can give a second try to it.
⫸ 7.0 – 6.5
It was Okay! They could have done a lot better. Maybe the story / plot / acting was not up to par  (OR)  it was just not my taste. Worth a try to watch at some point.
⫸ 6.0 – 5.5
Disappointed! It was poorly executed  (OR)  poorly made. It sent off a much different meaning than what it was intended. I would mostly avoid watching this again. It was barely watchable, for the reason being cast, scenes or few other things. 
⫸ 5.0 
Awful! It was either really bad or made no sense.  Naah, I won't be watching this again. I will not be rating this below 5 since I appreciate the effort of the cast and crew!


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