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Platform 9 & 3/4


Platform 9 & 3/4

I wanted to say it's one of my favourites but that doesn't sound quite right. The Untamed is my past, present and future!!!!!! And that's why it's going up as the first and only drama ever to be posted on my wall. 

That was at the beginning of 2020

The Untamed did have an impact on me as in, it opened my eyes a little bit. Essentially it led me to try out more stuff which have since inspired and interested me. This profile page was empty before finding CQL. And then, it only had the above part for nearly 2 years. Somewhere near 2023 starting, I decided to add more to my profile finally after seeing so many good ones on MDL.. and since then it's been a work in progress...

Quick intro - Ice is my nickname, LuckyGirlGwen is just a random cartoon character name.

Putting up the badges that describe my MDL presence.

(I made the first badge myself as I couldn't find the one I wanted for that club. I could probably request it, but I actually wanted to give it a try myself as I was curious how people did it. Unsurprisingly, it took me an embarrassingly long amount of time for even this version and I should just leave it to the experts wherever possible from now on. So, the other badges are by Rien)

I joined the Historical Dramas Club just recently. I've watched this genre before but last year (2022) my interest for historical chinese dramas just grew a lot. 

Also, I'm normally active on feeds =D

While falling into dramaland, I naturally started loving some of the amazing OSTs on the way, and hence, I joined the Soundtrack Lovers Club.


These are a thing...

 Thanks to I-Land for giving me an inkling of what k-pop is like. Since then I'm an armygene. ❤

                                        Thanks to Enhypen & BTS for keeping me going ❤                                         


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