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Hey! I'm Night (she/her) and I'm a sporadically active user of this site! I'm a relatively new drama watcher (I first started regularly watching stuff around the start of November 2022) 

Feel free to say hi and recommend me stuff to watch/read! 

My messages are always open!!! Whether you want to talk about what you're watching or just need someone to listen, I'm always here!!! I'll try to respond asap when life's not too busy!


  • Chaos 
  • Thrillers
  • Enemies to lovers <3
  • Comedy/puns - I love to read translator notes
  • Open endings
  • Good friendships
  • Accepting families
  • Plot twists


  • Assault/abuse/harassment (especially with no justice/punishment) - despite enjoying it for the most part until that happened, Kleun Cheewit fits this bill perfectly
  • Situations with dodgy consent - I'm especially side eyeing Kiseki: Dear to Me! I loved the couple, until I didn't!
  • Incomplete stories or season 2s which never come - I'm a bit more ambivalent to this now
  • Long series - I'm trying (and maybe succeeding?) to work on this though!
I appreciate all genres but depending on my mood, I can go from watching thrillers to the fluffiest slice of life/romance. I'm a deep romantic but also love mystery and crime, and no matter what genre, a good plot twist is highly appreciated in my books!

More on me (if you care)!

  • I write for fun - more poetry recently than short stories though
  • I'm planning on doing CS and Maths at uni - yes, I'm a Woman In STEM™️
  • I'm currently interested in Cryptography!
  • I love rings!!! <3

Miscellaneous links:

My Spotify Top 100 in 2023
My Tumblr: nightnightsleeptight

I have been told by friends before that I'm a generous rater, and I like to try and watch things through to the end even if I dislike them. I am trying to let myself drop things without guilt now!

SOME OF MY "DROPPED" ITEMS ARE ACTUALLY HOLDS! My Hold list is now for watch party dramas only! If you think I should pick something up again, tell me why! Likewise, if you wish to debate my ratings, do it! I'm always down for a respectful debate :D

Proud member of the GL Drama Lovers Club!!!

Watch Challenges I'll try participate in:

MDL Watch Challenge 2024 (my entry) - banner by the incredible flytosky (banner gallery linked below!)

Thai Watch Challenge 2024 (my entry) - banner by me! :D

Chaos Clown Cave Chill Challenge 2024 (drama list) - banner by the incredibly talented Crafty!

Watch this space... 😉

Favourite dramas!

Current profile photo: Milk and Love from the 23.5 OST Music Video! (Stream the OST Tilt right now!)

They honestly have my heart! <3

The Airing Calendar below is more for my own reference than anything. Why did I ever jump into the world of following airing dramas? I'd love to try to go back to watching completed dramas but the GLs are too tempting!

<-- i also adore them <3
<-- cover is gorgeous (and the leads too - Premium Visual Couple for a reason!)

<-- i also adore them <3
<-- plot apparently a mess but i'll judge for myself
<-- i adore them <3
<-- the older sapphics!
<-- sick cast, hope for subs at some point!

Currently watching list (will soon update)- with progress, last seen and how far behind I am if it's currently airing! I'm trying to be a little more organised! :D

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