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♡ hello
A little bit about me: 

❀ 20

❀ Obsessed with anything anime (AOT especially), Asian drama, k-pop, and video game related

❀ Watched my first BL in 2016, I believe, but didn't get really into the genre until about the end of 2020 with TharnType

❀ I tend to hardcore hyper-fixate on things so don't be too shocked if I talk about the same shows nonstop lol

❀ ENFJ-T (according to the tests) but I  resonate more with INFP; also a Sagittarius :)


My First Ever BL Drama


· Love Sick: The Series ·

--  ❤    ❤    ❤ --

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"Yes, I like you. But it's none of your business."
- Gao Shi De

(We Best Love)
"Can you give me a hug? You said if it was tough, you'd come to me."
- Han Ji Woo
To My Star 2)
"I will not run, just make sure you can catch me."
- Team

"Nothing's meaningless when I'm with you."
- Go Yoo Han
Color Rush)

Currently Watching
Love Sick Season 2

The Untamed Special Edition
Destiny Seeker

Still waiting for good subtitles to be released from KudaLakorn - until then, this is on pause (been on pause for about 8 years...)This will technically be my 4th time watching the live-action series...The terrible subtitling makes this series very difficult to enjoy.
The Eclipse
Wandee Goodday
Love for Love's Sake
Rewatch...Very fun to watch!Rewatch...

Next Up on My Watchlist
Kare no Iru SeikatsuKiller and Healer25 Ji, Akasaka De

Most Anticipated!
1. The Ex-Morning2. The Heart Killers3. My Golden Blood




My Rating System

--  ❤    ❤    ❤ --

   I mainly base my ratings on how a drama makes me feel. I realise some of my top picks are definitely fairly low quality (and a bit problematic at times), but watching them gives me a ton of joy. I also change ratings quite frequently as I rewatch shows a lot - so be warned. My rating system is as follows:

10 - absolute best thing I've ever watched

9.5 - my personal favourites

9 - would be a 9.5 if not for some small flaw that prevents it

8.5 - above average drama

8 - average drama; nothing special but still very good

7.5 - okay, less than average but was still pretty enjoyable

7 - not great but not the worst either; probably wouldn't watch it again

6.5 -  enjoyable, but definitely not good 

6 and below - did not enjoy and probably wouldn't recommend

(I am usually very generous with my ratings)


✧ ˳✧ ✧ ˳✧✧ ˳✧☆˳✧ ˳✧ ☆✧ ˳✧☆✧ ˳✧☆.✧ ˳✧ ✧ ˳✧✧ ˳✧☆˳✧ ˳✧ ☆✧ ˳✧☆✧ ˳✧☆

--✽-✽-✽-- Some of My Favourite Dramas (In No Particular Order)  --✽-✽-✽--
*These include all the sequels
~~~~~~~ Honourable Mentions: Why R U?Kamisama no EkohiikiBad BuddyOnly Friends ~~~~~~~~~


Favourite Fictional Couples
There's just something about these guys that has my heart in a chokehold lol.
Tutor/ Fighter

Kang Seo Joon/ Han Ji Woo

Dan/ Yok

Heart/ Li Ming

Mhok/ Day

Zhou Shu Yi/ Gao Shi De

Teng Muren/ Xiao Li Cheng

Kijima Rio/ Kuzumi Haruhiko

Sand/ Ray
Two/ Un

Pat/ Pran

Tharn/ Type

Lan Wangji/ Wei Wuxian

Shi Lei/ Jin Yu Zhen


I was initially introduced to the world of K-pop through EXO's "Monster" a few years ago. I, of course, fell in love with the music and general style of the genre and have since expanded my listening horizons. EXO remains my number one group and most likely always will (even when they aren't together) but I now have other groups I listen to religiously too.

✧ ˳✧ ✧ ˳✧✧ ˳✧˳☆✧ ˳✧ ✧ ˳✧✧ ˳✧☆˳✧ ˳✧ ☆✧ ˳✧☆✧ ˳✧☆˳☆✧ ˳✧ ☆✧ ˳✧☆✧ ˳✧☆



·Stray Kids·

·NCT 127·
I actually can't decide lol
(Ok... also Haechan...)


Love (Ex-Member)

Honourable Mentions: NCT, WayV, SHINee, Victon, TxT., SEVENTEEN


✰ Check out my other MDL account for everything "Non-BL"  ✰


❀ @blue_green ❀

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