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about  me !

hi! my name is mia and i've been watching asian dramas since 2021. i really enjoy watching korean dramas, but i also watch a lot of chinese dramas and some thai and japanese dramas. i love languages and i can talk italian, moroccan arabic, english, french and i'm learning german. i'd love to learn spanish and korean as well! 

i listen to music all the time and i really enjoy spanish and pop music. i also listen to afro beats, moroccan, arabic, kpop music and sometimes italian rap.  i used to be the biggest kpop fan ever but i don't really listen to it that much anymore. i listen to podcasts too, especially crime ones. in my free time i also like to read webtoons and hang out with my friends.

i'm very outgoing and i love to communicate with people, so text me whenever u want, i feel extremely happy when people do it and if u have recommendations for dramas, please tell me! 


these are my favourite actors:

song kang
choi hyun wook 
kim soo hyun
hwang in yeop 
lee do hyun 
park solomon 
seo in guk

these are just some ^^

and these are my favourite actresses:


i love watching dramas, so i don't really have a favourite one, these are some: 

romance dramas:

thriller/action dramas:           


alice in borderland

weak hero class

revenge of others

the glory

big mouth 




20th century girl

a werewolf boy

i realllyy recommend all of these dramas!!


my firsts:

korean drama : my secret romance                                             korean movie: are we in love?

chinese drama: my unicorn girl                                                    chinese movie: please enlighten me

japanese drama: an incurable case of love                              japanese movie:  l♥dk: two loves under one roof

thai drama:  love in the air                                                               thai movie: -

taiwanese drama:-                                                                             taiwanese movie: gaze in silence


my rating system:

1.0-5.5:  bad, not worth watching

6.0-6,5 : it's ok, nothing special 

7.0-7.5 :  enjoyable, something is missing tho 

8.0- 8.5:  very good, some things could have been better, but still really nice

9.0-9.5 : extremely good, i would definitely recommend

10 :   perfect!  

(i usually rate dramas based of how i feel, but when i struggle to rate one i use this system)


i really hope we can be friends!  thank you so much for checking out my profile!! 


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