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Somewhere in Africa


Somewhere in Africa

" A drama does not always have to be good in order for it to be good "

Welcome to my profile...

How I rate

10 - Goes without saying that it was thoroughly enjoyable and leaves a lasting impression. Its well meaning ,focused with zero plot holes,  with a great understandable conclusion , stellar cast/acting. Would not change a thing. All tens have really great stories and are truly special.

9.5- Should have gotten a 10 but lacked that x factor. At least it was focused with minimal plot holes, enjoyable. Perhaps it was not expansive enough.

9.0- 8.5- Quite enjoyable. Not entirely perfect. Intentional . perhaps focused but something brought it down from perfection

8.0- Good.

7.5-7.0 - I struggled with elements. A plausibly okay show. Definitely some questionable aspects perhaps  weak cast , poor character development etc.

6.5-6.0-Watchable but with some pathetic elements.

5.5- I must have watched whilst it was currently airing and gave it undeserved patience.

5 and below - I hate wasting time so this is probably dropped .

If you would like to see dramas that I dropped , here they are :

I really look forward to sharing and learning from all of you.

Here are some of my faves (dramas with my favourite  OTP moments )


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