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This page is pretty much dedicated to me and some of the things I love, and goes
 though more changes than there are cold male leads in Dramaland.

Who am I? 

Just another fan who will pretty much watch and write about anything..

I also have a crush list for actresses and actors I stan  that grows almost as fast as the speed of jealous lead whenever they see a anyone getting close to the object of their affection.

1 year younger than Han Ji Min, 5 years older than Jung Hae In

Badges found here, 
made by Rien 

 "All Oppas/Noonas are created equal, but some are more equal than others...." (Orwell, Drama farm)

The titles I gave 10 stars!

 Do not try to find logic to it, there isn't any , but an explanation for the way I rate  can be found here

Recommendations by flag... 

Movie recommendations

Links: 12

If you are new to MDL, first welcome!  

This page  "should be marked as the beginners guide by MDL" according to Enny so I recommend you click on the Dictionary  as well as scroll down to the LoT.

LoT with beginners guides


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