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Bless your ears listening to the voice of the goddess, "Nakajima Miyuki (中島みゆき)".This is a list of titles where Miyuki sama's…

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[Older Woman/Younger Man] Titles for Man & Woman of Cultures

It's what it is. My comments on these titles are completely subjective.

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[Movies] Natural Eye Cleansers for you

Tears are natural eye cleansers. Medically proven. I'm here to help. Even though I am an advocate of happy ending, somehow these kinda shows…

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[Favorite] Actresses

(Not based on acting merit) More of a celebrity crush.

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[Crime, Psychological Thriller] My drama slump medicine

A somewhat of a grey area to me is the crime/thriller genre. I don't usually pick them when it comes to Asian shows. I find it difficult to…

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[Dine in Frames] Focusing Foods

Movies or Dramas that somehow connect foods. I recently noticed that I have watched a few titles on this subject without realizing it. This…

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