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Hi there and welcome to my page!

*my page is perpetually under construction! and I'm on a hiatus ish because of work but will still try to be here and present in dramaland! Presently, I'm very busy so I apologize for not being able to be active on the feeds! :( I'll mostly be here scrolling and trying to write some drama reviews as closing remarks. profile for favorite OTPs and favorite dramas really needs updating...*

I'm your average student with not a lot of time on their hands but I manage to watch my favorite dramas as much as possible, also known as procrastination. I am a complete sucker for rom-coms as well as any good romance dramas. For now, it's mostly t-dramas and k-dramas.

 I'm also obsessed with a few American tv shows/dramas as well. Some of my favorites include: Pretty Little Liars, Arrow (OLICTY fan club anyone?), Switched at Birth,NCIS LA (DENSI <3), Chasing Life, and many more. 

It's hard to balance between my American TV shows AND Asian dramas but right now my Asian dramas are priority. Thus, I'm on an indefinite hiatus for all my TV shows.

I love writing reviews because it's a good way for me to express my thoughts and feelings on a drama and move on to the next one. Feel free to message me about my reviews, commentary, or anything else! I always welcome new drama friends! :)

I'm semi-active on the Soompi forums so you can find there as well! I'm much more active here though.

Rating System: How much I loved it (subjective)/ How good it is (objectively)

example 1: 8/9 (8 for how much I loved it subjectively, 9 for how good it was objectively)

Score overall: is an average of how much I loved it vs how good it was. So 8+9=17. Average is 8.5 overall for the drama. 

example 2: 8.5/9 (8.5 for how much I loved it subjectively, 9 for how good it was objectively)

Score overall: 8.5+9=17.5 Average is 8.75. I round up to a 9 (since it's if over .5) , and down if it's under .5.

Basically, round up if average is over .5, down if it's under .5

-(Rating system adapted from dramabeans here )-

How much I loved it (subjective) rating explained

10: I LOVE this drama and I'm going to re-watch it again and again despite what flaws it may have- it will be one of my all-time favorites OR it was just amazingly phenomenal in all respects- filming, cast, story, etc. 

9.5: I like this drama a lot and I think the leads have A LOT of chemistry but it's lacking just a bit of something that would prompt me to want to watch it immediately again after the first time through so it's not perfect, in my opinion

9: I like this drama a lot as well, but it might have a minor flaw that distracted me from completely loving this drama, whether it be plot issues, huge dragging issues, too malicious second leads, or just personal opinion, etc.

8.5: It was entertaining but maybe it was a bit long, draggy, or had a major flaw I could't ignore no matter how much I liked it as a whole. It's almost a 9 but I would still potentially watch some of my favorite scenes. It probably has a very adorable OTP that makes me give it a 8.5 instead of an 8.

8: Like a 8.5 rating, it's entertaining but I wouldn't re-watch it whole, at all. OTP probably not strong enough for me to give an higher rating or there was some other major flaw that couldn't be overlooked.

7.5: Dear drama: I'm glad I could finish watching you but we just don't have chemistry, sorry. 

7-6: Wow. Why did I watch/attempt to watch this drama? (probably because I really

like one of the actors/actresses and wanted to give it a shot but was still disappointed)

5.5 and below: No, just no.

Currently Watching...and my quick thoughts on them

Airing Dramas:

Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim: Love this drama so much. Definitely one of the best medical dramas I've seen so far.

First Kiss for the Seventh Time: Who cares about the plot when you have this line-up?! But seriously, it's just super fun eye-candy!

Goblin: I like it but I don't love it. At least not yet anyways. I'm more interested in seeing the Grim Reaper and Sunny's romance evolve more than the main couple right now. And of course the bromance between the Grim Reaper and the Goblin is just life.

V-Focus: Yes! Another t-drama daily that has two main couple love lines instead of too many (3 lovelines) or only one loveline and annoying second leads. I'm liking both main couples quite a lot so far. 

The King of Romance: So far, I'm liking this quite a lot. Lego and Cindy have a light bantering chemistry going on right now and I really like the female lead, Bing Bing's spunk. Compared to Lego's last drama, Love @ Seventeen, where I didn't really like the female lead nor did I buy the chemistry, The King of Romance is hitting all the right notes at the moment. 

Legend of the Blue Sea: So I decided to binge the aired episodes on a rainy weekend and dang do I not regret it. It's much better than I expected, considering I went in with surprisingly low expectations due to the negativity I heard about it. The plot isn't anything extraordinary but the emotions are there and that's what is important, for me. Lee Min Ho is the best I've ever seen him and this is coming from someone who wasn't a Lee Min Ho fan in the past. 

Weightlifting Fairy Bok Joo: I'm enjoying this but I'm not loving it like some of the fans out there. I think it might be the fact that it's too close to heart (since I'm an uni student) and I like some fantasy in my dramas. I know, I know, so contradictory that I don't want that much realism LOL. And that's what WFBJ is- it's real and genuine, which is why many people like it. With that said, I do enjoy the organic chemistry the characters have thus far and I know the ending won't disappoint. Even after it ends, we'll know that the characters will keep living on, happily and realistically. 

Oldies but goodies:

She was Pretty: I'm binging this to end my winter break before uni starts again :( but it's not bad! I'm watching it for Park Seo Joon and the sparkling 'taboo' chemistry from the sibling relationship PSJ and HJE had in Kill Me Heal Me. The beginning episodes are a bit rocky because PSJ's character is way too mean for comfort but I'm hoping to warn up to him and it seems like we're almost there!

My Biases


tumblr_ntxw0iZZjk1suaw8oo5_400.gif                                       tumblr_nh2z0uvbDG1r5c02zo1_400.gif

Lego, you're adorable!                                                                         Ji Chang Wook. Omg. Look at that.

First Taiwanese drama: Material Queen

First J-drama: Nankyoku Tairiku - Kami no Ryouiki ni Idomunda Otoko to Inu no Monogatari

First K-drama: Winter Sonata

Trip to Taiwan 2016

One of my friends on MDL asked me if I could share some of my pictures of my trip to Taiwan. I would be happy to share them if only it's to share the beauty of Taiwan with my friends from around the world here at MDL. Invite others to come check my trip out since it took me a while to write all this/upload and feel free to chat me about it!! :) I took A LOT of pictures so here they are! I'm including some captions along with the pictures to hopefully explain them better (and encourage you to visit Taiwan :p ) I had a fabulous time but I do wish I visited Lego Lee at his meet and greet..but I didn't have time...

Note: sorry about some of the sideway pictures. For some reason, they won't rotate!

PLpnngO4_a64bed_f.jpg  mLn66gdL_f8c401_f.jpg  M4P77Dj3_b21dc7_f.jpg

Anyone remember these? From Aaron Yan and Puff Kuo's drama, Just You? The lion was Aaron's spirit animal and the pink elephant was Puff's spirit animal. I freaked out when I saw these and almost bought Aaron's lion but the lion was 2400 NTD, around 80 US dollars.. I found them in the Eslite bookstore Taipei 101 branch. 


Look at the little man on the cake! To anyone who watched Lego Lee's drama, Aim High, you should remember this little boy as the boy Lego's character drew for his female lead, Guo Shu Yao's character as their symbol of love. I found this cake in Sogo, one of the high end designer department stores in Taipei.

 Y4BEEAm3_827d6a_f.jpgPLpnnXO4_1ef0e3_f.jpgThis is the restaurant, Ya Rou Bian, in Xin Men Ding. I highly recommend this restaurant, as it is very famous and has a long history. The goose meat is their trademark as you see in the above right photo, and is absolutely delicious. Their noodles are such comfort food- a must go if you ever visit Taipei!


I saw Sam Wang (left photo) when I was in Xin Men Ding. He's a part of 5566, a Taiwanese boy band that started in 2002 and was very popular back in the day. Sam is the one on the further left in the right photo. Sam was doing a variety show when I saw him in the above photo. 

81y88wE4_778b77_f.jpg  r1waaW73_70b3fa_f.jpg

Here, I'm at Taipei 101, at night and day. Isn't it so beautiful at night? There are a lot of high end designer stores here, from all over the world. The food court and B1 level has a lot a Taiwanese goodies that are suitable for gift shopping. I bought Taiwanese pastries, like pineapple cakes for my relatives. Oh! There's also a Din Tai Fung here, the renowned dumpling place. I believe there are branches in Los Angeles as well as New York?


Love, loved this mango shaved ice! Smoothie House is pretty well known as a tourist spot in Taipei since it's right next to the original Din Tai Fung, next to the Dong Men subway station, and has been around for many years. It was around 6 US dollars and so good. Taiwan is known for their huge variety of fruits, and the mango was just phenomenal. Juicy, and full of mango goodness. The ice was so soft since it's snowflake ice, which is made using a special machine. Highly recommend!

PLpnnmO4_b5e8e0_f.jpg  mLn66RdL_32c40c_f.jpg

jLl22Ej4_ebcbb0_f.jpg  M4P77Kj3_58db9b_f.jpg

Shin Yeh Taipei. You can find this restaurant at Amazingly delicious and fancy restaurant. Try not to go without a reservation. That's how popular they are! 

01e8Nex4_67e842_f.jpg91MbD5rL_7061bd_f.jpgd4vWAlN1_e9df93_f.jpgMiramar-isn't it beautiful at night? The ferris wheel lights up and it's just gorgeous. Lots of dramas have filmed here before, notably-Aim High, What is Love, etc. Shrimp cake and the hot chile peppers are from the famous Taiwanese Thai restaurant in Miramar- Thai Town Cuisine Meilihua.

 Here are some of my favorite actors!   mLArXxw3_fa845b_f.jpgW19wQlD3_f20bf2_f.jpgO38nA0V1_194bd4_f.jpg

         Jasper Liu                                  Aaron Yan                                    George Hu


        Vanness Wu                                 Chris Wu                                       Danson Tang

            And my favorite actresses!                20150322002095.jpggonghyojin.jpg7926571dd5c0b355e39623424150a5c1.jpg

       Puff Kuo                                     Gong Hyo Jin                                 Joanne Tseng

Favorite OTPS..


Alice Ke and Roy Chiu in Office Girls-this is my favorite scene of the whole drama.


Huan Zhen: "Don't you hate taking photos?"

Hao Meng: "Yes. But with you it's different."


Roy and Alice's second amazing collaboration... can we have a third? 



Aigoo Healer-Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young. Thanks for bringing your characters to life and making me fall in love with Jung Hoo. Sigh.



Lorene Ren and Kingone Wang are perfect together in Someone Like You <3

Aaron Yan x Puff Guo=cute in Just You (can we have another collaboration please?)

Or... Jasper Liu x Puff Guo in Pleasantly Surprised~ 

Guo Shu Yao and Lego Lee from Aim High <3 <3 


Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin=hot damn. 

Vanness Wu and Ady An~ Autumn's Concerto <3

Thanks for reading! <3

*credits to tumblr for the gifs

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