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The worst remake I have ever seen.

Before starting this series, I was excited to see Win as the protagonist. But when I saw the first episode I knew this was going to be a disaster, unfortunately I was right.

The Korean version is a very important series for me because I identify with both Sumi and Mi-rae. I could feel the pain that they both had to endure what toxic society demands of us women. Be beautiful, thin and kind to the point of hurting yourself so that this cruel world will accept and love you. They both suffered in different ways, but they were both hurt in the process of being accepted.

Here the first thing I felt was that Liu did not carry the same burden and they did not judge her as much for her operation. Which is a crucial point because Mi-rae by having to go through those horrible criticisms of hers was able to overcome, accept and love herself as she was no matter what others said about her.

Secondly, his great hatred towards Guy was problematic. She made the character frustrating until the end. She could unconditionally trust anyone she barely knew, except Guy, who she really hated for no reason. It is very ridiculous and her character was not well written or well executed by the actress. I really think it was a bad decision for the actress to take this role, she didn't really convey any kind of sympathy or compassion for what an idiot she was.

Guy... Well, I started watching this because I was excited to see Win. But the minutes on screen were so few that it made the chemistry between him and the actress difficult. He didn't acting well either, he looked like a robot. Unable to resolve or help Liu like Kyung Seok did with Mi-rae. I think he still needs a lot of training to act.

Faye... the actress acted well. I think she is the only redeemable one in terms of acting. But her story was ridiculous. Her motives of hatred towards Liu were also. Sumi hated because a friend of hers stole the boy she liked for an operation. Not because of whether she had money or not. She really lived in a pigsty. She barely had a mattress on the floor to sleep on. Still, she Faye complained when she even had a computer to streaming lol.

The ending was just as disappointing for me. I really wasn't expecting anything at this point but it still managed to disappoint me even more.

I liked that Sumi made a change in her hair, and she who hated perfumes will start using them. I also liked seeing that there was a psychologist to treat her mental problems. And the conversation she had with Kyung Seok.
I also think it was a good decision for Sumi to take a break from university so she could be better about herself. And although she and Mi-rae didn't become friends, it was a nice gesture that she returned to university just to give Mi-rae the perfume she always used to wear as a gift from her.

With the damage that Sumi did to Mi-rae, it was totally normal that they couldn't be friends but that Sumi, in her own way, thanked her and asked for forgiveness.

Faye and Liu... they could never be friends with someone who really wanted to see you destroyed. That's not credible.

Saint was really annoying, when the sunbae's character was actually very kind and understanding. He seemed more of a protagonist than Guy and that was the case until the end. I also didn't feel that friendship that Kyung Seok formed with his sunbae. The only thing Saint did was bother.

And what can I say about the final kiss? Nothing really romantic and everything very forced. Since Liu spent most of his time hating him, they couldn't have had chemistry. It also seemed like Win was being forced. He and the actress really had no chemistry at all.

The Korean version's message is much deeper but no one wants to watch it because it's "boring." So what was this?

It was torture to watch it, but I told myself I was going to finish watching it so I could have all my thoughts about this remake clear in my head.

And no, I didn't want it to be exactly the same. I don't criticize him for that. A remake always brings new things and that's great. But here time was wasted on so many absurd things that the essence of the original work itself was lost (I'm referring to the webtoon).

The director and the screenwriter really did a very bad job.

So no, I don't recommend it at all. I know there will be people who will like it but from my point of view if you are looking for a well-defined message, with romance and chemistry, just don't watch it.

I for one will pretend this drama never existed and will never watch it again.

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