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Well, I love Japanese drama because it has this intensity and rawness that Korean drama lacking of. And there is human, dark and slice of life drama that I can watch anytime. Also the comedic drama that just as fluffly. I watch Korean drama too but rarely it hooked me to the end.

I love and prefer dark and thriller drama with a real artist comes from real actors..Actor like Eita, Odagiri Joe I love to watch.

I love epic love story too but my tastes changing after I got married I think. Am still in my 20 but I dislike melo, angst, or cliche dramas hence bring me to not easy to satisfied when its come to romance drama. Korean dramas has their own spunk and charms but the writings is somehow not consistent and that makes most of their romantic dramas full of cliche, repetitive scenes and plots. My recent fav of rom-com or romance  is Love Shuffle, Arang (more fusion but I LOVE their love story), Answer 1994, Miss Korea and just completed Disovery of Romance. These dramas is low-key, not something over the top but relatable, the characters are flawed (not all is likeable), no angsty moments that's goes unbelievable or some melodramatic scenes that just dramatic for the sake of dramas.

Japenese USED to make excellent romantic drama and great love scenes but somehow their social paradigm really reflecting the writing of romantic Japanese dramas as well. My fav writer of course Kitagawa Eriko who has written many classic and epic love story like my ever fav, Million Star Falling from the sky and Beautiful Life. As goes the classic Long Vacation, Asuno and Orange Days. But nowadays her dramas is not as original as before. In the past 10 years, there weren't many  romantic Jdorama that really captured my heart really deep and their love interaction is very restrained and restricted and usually they ended it with open ended or the character go their own way.


Please watch Gomen Gomen ne Seishun! and Sayonara Watashi. I have rave about these two gems and masterpiece just a while both in their section and please excuse me while I cried for these two drama awesomeness!!!

Kudo Kankura is a master and lagend in writing comedic and uplifting dramas that will make you happy for a very loooong time!



I love Japanese actor that can deliver the intensity, depth and subtle performance. I will divide it into three categories



Odagiri Joe

Abe Hiroshi


Fukatsu Eri

Takako Kokiwa

Aoi Yu

Hikari Mitsuhima

PERSONAL FAV ( Classic. I love to watch them but seems on and off and can't really breakthrough the depth yet in their works.)

Kimura Takuya

Takeuchi Yuko

Tamaki Hiroshi


Hirusue Ryoko

Takeshi Kitano

Kato Koyuki (Heard she is very good in Long Goodbye)


Ueno Juri

Yoshitaka Yuriko

Ayase Haruka

Ayona Go

Tamayata Tetsuji

Kanno Miho

Motomiya Izumi

Young one Who I want to watch breaking their barrier

Higashide Masahiro (LOVE His acting!!Extremelly talented)



Matsumota Jun

Anne ( Watching her in Gochisama, Very sincere acting)

Just because...;) I love watching their acting eventough its medicore at its best


Miura Hiruma

Keiko Kitagawa

Actually there is many actors that I haven't watch their works but heard lots of praise from my personal fav reviewers like the ever uber talented Sotashi, other like Sakai Masato, Matsuda Ryohei, Shota,and others veterens and seniors who I didn't really remember their name but I love their works.

-Will add later on. 


A seekers of knowledge. Love peace and humanity and learn from others people, cultural and nature. Love art.

There is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.



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