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South of the Border, West of the Sun


South of the Border, West of the Sun

Mostly a JDrama, and JMovie fan. I started back in 2013 watching black and white subtitled films thanks to the Criterion Collection. Eventually meeting Japanese friends who recommended "Heartbroken Chocolatier" which launched me into the more modern day drama. As the years have progressed, I've been descending into more JDramas, movies, actors, actresses and more ever since.

I'm a big fan of LDH Entertainment, home of EXILE TRIBE and other affiliated groups. I almost always watch those films and dramas  with the members in them as they are airing when possible. I'm also a die hard fan of Johnny's group Snow Man, and willing within reason to support all members with their acting endeavors.

General drama things: I'll watch nearly any genre or theme with the exceptions of police, detective, historical, and medical dramas. I will nearly always give any tag or theme a try with the exception of student-teacher relationships- that's a hard NO from me. Themes of adultery/cheating/affairs - however you want to call it, I can watch exactly one drama with that as a theme every six months, no sooner. I rarely drop, but I'm not going to suffer pointlessly.  I occasionally watch K or C dramas and movies. I'm just notoriously picky about which ones I watch these days.

I started a personal challenge to get through some titles on my PTW via my "A-Z Drama/Movie" challenge which I started in 2020 via my custom lists. On June 24th 2022, I finished my A-Z Movie Challenge! On December 31st, 2022 I finished my A-Z Drama Challenge! 


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