Commitment Issues PTW

True Title is: "Titles I Saw Somewhere that I'm Curious about but not enough to commit to putting on my PTW"

This is a hodge-podge of:

A) Titles I saw someone mention on feeds and thought were interesting

B) Titles I saw somewhere on social media that caught my interest enough to list here

C) Titles that got a strong recommendation or review from a trusted source but... commitment issues lmao

D) Titles of actors or actresses that impressed me in a different movie/drama so I picked something of their's to check out later

E) Titles with members of Kpop groups I use to follow but now are disbanded/reconfigured/stopped following for whatever reason/etc BUT I want to watch a drama/movie they were in for nostalgia purposes later

RisefromBlackAshes Abr 10, 2020
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