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Both have a feisty lawyer character, from a poor background, both wanting to hit it big.
Both are law dramas with good comedy & melodrama.
Recomendado por Kougami - Nov 1, 2020
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In both dramas, the lead characters are married to someone else. But only they know the path to each other's hearts.
In both dramas, the leads meet because of their kids,
Both are melodramas,
About the couples around the age of 40,
Have Beautiful scenery & Good music to accompany.
Recomendado por Kougami - Mai 4, 2020
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Both set up in NFS,
Both have male leads as Medical examiners,
Both male leads have bad personality and do not socialise,
They often go against their superiors,
They help prosecution solve unsolvable crimes,
Both have FL starting as a rookie(ME in Sign, prosecutor in investigation couple).
Recomendado por Kougami - Set 27, 2018
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CT has a author of mystery writing his next novel which are things that happened to his last reincarnation. But as he writes he gets to know what actually happened to them.
L,H has a screenwriter who's writings turn true in this life itself.
Both have mystery as strong element to the story.
Both have rich male lead and poor female leads.
Recomendado por Kougami - Set 20, 2018