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My Rating system:
  • 6.5 & less = unwatchable, waste of time (definitely not recommended); 
  • 7.0-7.5 = watchable (but not recommendable);
  • 8.0-9.0 = good dramas (good for a one-time watch);
  • 9.5 = excellent drama, could've been the best if not for a few things (yes to a repeat watch);
  • 10.0 = best of the lot (watch & repeat).

*Kougami is from Psycho-pass Kitamura Kou is the MC of the Anime/manga Cross Game

Some quotes from the drama/movies I watched

  • "Do your utmost even in trivial things.From that, you can attain sincerity. This sincerity becomes apparent. From being manifest, it becomes brilliant. Brilliant, it affects others. Affecting others, they are changed by it. Changed by it, they are transformed. It is only... those with complete sincerity... who can transform everything. It will change. If you do your utmost, one by one... The world will change." - King Jeong Jo, The Fatal Encounter
  • It's comfortable to ignore but uncomfortable to confront, hey but given what has happened shouldn't you keep your pride and follow it through to the end? You're a (prosecutor) after all. - Prosecutor WooBad Guys 2
  • Ryo: When we're born, we're innocent. However, when growing up, why do we do stupid things such as fighting or hurting? I'm sometimes scared. Why can't we remain innocent?  - Karamazov no kyodai, episode 4.
  • Gi Mu Hyuk: ....people enjoy watching a hero fall down than succeed." - Mr Temporary , episode 15
  • Being interested in your surroundings and trying small things are capable of  changing not only your day but also the day of everyone else around you. - Train pilot (Feel good to die)
  • Kim Do Hyeong:.........the people closest to you don't know about you.. that's because you are ashamed of yourself. you shouldn't make yourself into someone to be ashamed of.(My Beautiful Bride)
  • Episode 12, The Running Mates: Human Rights:    Han Yoon Seo: (quotes an excerpt from a letter written by a pedophile in the U.S.) mm

"When you don't listen to what your child wants to say and treat it like it's a childish talk, 

you're giving your child away to me. 

I have ears that listen to what children say. 

When you're yelling or laughing at your child in front of their friends, 

you're giving your child away to me. 

When you don't put your child in your lap and hug them, 

you're giving your child away to me. 

My chest is big enough to embrace any child and I'm good at embracing them. 

Do you want to know who I am? 

I could be your neighbour, your colleague, or your child's teacher. 

You might know me or not know me, but your child knows me. 

I'm a good person who gives your child attention 

and affection that you didn't give them. I...can't stop." 

  • Baek Sang Ho : Some novelist once said: "Children grow up...even if you force them down." Whether their parents cherish them or not, children become adults in the end. As long as they're alive...and only if they manage to survive. - ep3, Nobody Knows 
  • Dr Lee Hae Seung (thinking) : When the world changes,do we have to change,too? When an earthquake shatters buildings, do our hearts have to be shattered, too?  - ep17 D-day
  • Radio host: There was a poet, who once said the following. That if you want to understand, if you want to forgive, and if you want to love should observe how they look from the back for a long while. That if you do just that, you don't have to unnecessarily try to understand, forgive, or love them because their lonely shadow will have made you cry without you even knowing. They're right. To understand someone's loneliness...(inhales) Well, for me, I think that's the beginning of love.  -ep1, Call It Love.

*Not a social person.


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