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Best of crime/suspense/investigation

J+kdramas, coz I mainly watch those.

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Favorite Dramas

1-17 in decreasing order, rest no order at all.

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Favorite Actors
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Dramas watched in 2x/ dramas I should've dropped

These are the shows that I watched to the end, hoping it'll get better at some point. I was irritated most of the time watching these because…

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Favorite Actresses

 & some dramas in which I liked them. No order at all.

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My favourite villains

A negative role played by these actors that I really came to like(hate), brought more emotions in me than plain disgust. 

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Special dramas
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Most ridiculous drama endings

Drama endings that kept hinting at one thing over the series but ended in another whole different way, which was the ridiculous...some underserved…

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Rewatched dramas

Dramas that I've watched once & loved them to watch them again & will probably watch them again everytime I miss them.

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Leads worse than villain(supposed antagonist)

Lead Characters played by these actors that I hated more than the villain of the particular drama.

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Favourite anti-heroes
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Favourite Characters

Ko Ha Neul - Black Dog Cheon Song Yi - You Who Came From the StarsLee Jung Rok - A Gentleman's DignityYoo Jung - Cheese in the TrapSoo Ho -…

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Soothing vibe

Dramas that had something calming and soothing about them.

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Not interested in their dramas

I got tired of watching some of the characters they played, so, I've decided not to watch more of their dramas.

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Favorite Movies
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