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Okay, I admit, I’ve binged a LOT of dramas in the past few years. Total immersion therapy and not just one genre, lots of them. Yes I have my faves: slice of life, flawed characters, romantic, crime, thriller, mellow melo with a wry smile of humour being top of the list. Examples being: My Liberation Notes, Secret Love AffairLighter and Princess. I also appreciate good, solid all-round family stuff like Healer and Reply 1988. The key for me is the writing and character development. (Well it’s no surprise really, seeing as writing is my thing.) However, I also have an eye out for direction, editing and production values.

I can get stuck into a good thriller or detective drama like Stranger or Through the Darkness. But when the fantasy elements start coming in, I start retreating a bit. I draw the line at horror and sci fi, which rarely interests me. Historicals are hit and miss, usually miss, as I’m not really interested in endless intrigue. But then there's something like Mr Sunshine to fall right into. I love it when I discover something a bit off the wall different, like Heard it Through the Grapevine, or War of Prosecutors.

Loathe with a vengeance: fluffy romcoms with stunted males, ditzy/manipulative females and wall-to-wall PP; anything that preaches at me; stuff that is all plot and no character; banal dialogue; completely wrong psychology; anything that pushes the line that damaged people can heal overnight if you just smile nicely at them; not showing the consequences of actions.

I sometimes get a kick out of watching dramas that are absolutely awful, just to see if I can get to the end. It really helps to understand what makes a good drama if you occasionally watch a really bad one like Perfect Crime or Good Job. Strangely ironic titles...

Outside DramaLand I love: tea (in a pot with leaves); writing (fiction and non-fiction); playing the piano (classical, but love all good music and currently stan DPR Ian and Stray Kids); walking (must have hills for a good workout); art (modern abstract is my favourite but ditto comment for music); interesting conversations (which rules out politics and economics); home-cooked food (hate additives). 

I loathe: shopping (except food); abuse of power/privilege; obsession with wealth; class systems (yep, I know, but I still love kdramas...); drivers who don't put their lights on in daytime fog; hypocrisy; manipulative behaviour; the song "I did it my way"; Christmas; cold hard boiled eggs.

Writing reviews really helps me to appreciate the drama as I’m watching it. My ratings follow general guidelines (see below). In terms of recommendations, anything at 8 or over is worth watching in my opinion.

10    Perfect drama.

9+    A drama I totally fell in love with and is endlessly re-watchable. It ticked all the boxes and had some serious wow factor. It would go on my personally recommended list.

 (However, I do admit that if I was being more impartial, some of them might not get such a high rating!)

8+ A great drama with interesting content and good writing, direction, acting, OST, cinematography. But didn’t quite have the requisite sparkle to bump it into my all-time fave list. Worth watching.

7+ A watchable drama, but nothing exceptional. Good enough to qualify for the race, but finished with the pack. The sort of thing that promises more than it delivers.

6+ Some aspects of it were OK but it had serious flaws. It will pass the time but you can find something better.

5+Meh! Don't bother, it's full of platitudes and clichés with boring characters and plots.

4+ I forced myself to go through to the end of it, but only because I was committed to writing the review. It annoyed the hell out of me. Actively avoid.

1 - 3+ Totally unbearable, but often compulsively watchable as you really can’t believe that it can be this bad.

My friends requests policy is to accept people I feel I have something in common with, somewhat like RL. Age, nationality, gender etc don’t matter but I'll need to know something about you first. Maybe you have filled in a profile for yourself or perhaps written some reviews.


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