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somewhere over the rainbow


somewhere over the rainbow

I'm a CDrama and KDrama addict on the quest for the next great romance to add to my rewatch list. Most of the dramas i rated high are what i consider of intense chemistry with fleshed out characters and well-crafted plots that explore the depth, strength, & intensity of the OTP's affection towards each other, and how miserable and gutted they would feel without it.

Themes i seek in a drama: hopeless romantic, second chance, mature acting, character development, sizzling chemistry, steamy kiss, first love, unconditional love, non-cringey swoon-worthy moments, nostalgia/poignancy, intense pining, lovers separated, unrequited love, secret crush, angst/tearjerkers, tragedy, suffering, depression, grief, guilt, regret, trauma, dark backstories, revenge, hidden identity, star-crossed lovers, badassery, anti-assholery, antiheroism, cynicism, tsundere, melodrama, suspense, time travel, alternate universe.

I can't watch a drama whose main leads i don't resonate with or find it hard to root for. I'd rather watch flawed but organic characters than the perfect Mary Sue ones. With that in mind, FL characters I'm naturally gravitated towards would be the independent, calm, mature, stoic, unforgiving, vindictive, perceptive, sharp, smart, competent, resilient, and flawed types with dark backstories and inner conflicts. As for ML i only need one who's loyal, passionate, and unable to bear it when FL is sad.  Currently I'm still in a drama slump, unable to move on from Tan Jing & Nie Yu Sheng in Because of Love


My rubric:
- Chemistry & Acting: 40%
- Character Development, Plot, Dialogue: 30%
- OST, Cinematography20%
- CGI, Special effects10%

My rating system:
*** 6.5 and below: not worth watching.
*** 7.0-8.0: watchable.
*** 8.5-9.5: rewatchable.
***10.0: my ultimate favorites/ I have rewatched several times.


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