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Cho Na

♕ I am Your Majesty 전하 ♕

Cho Na

♕ I am Your Majesty 전하 ♕

So you have come across this page. There are many characters in Dramaland with hidden identities. Me too!

The only thing that I can tell you about me is that I am a passionate drama watcher [like the guy below, but not as extreme, lol!]. 

Sometimes you can find me in the comment sections of the upcoming, airing, or just finished dramas on my list. 
I also love making GIFs of beautiful scenery in those dramas!

Starting in 2024, I write reviews [sorted by the most recent] again. Since my reviews are my promotions, I mostly write reviews for under-the-radar or underrated dramas. 

If I'm not on the drama page comments, making GIFs, or writing reviews, I'm busy writing MDL articles [organized by type].

That means, don't take it personally if I do not reply to your comment or message. I may be busy or missed your notification.

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Watch each image one by one. You'll be lost in thought.

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