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India and occasionally at Arkham Assylum


India and occasionally at Arkham Assylum

hi guys, 25yr old simple manga otaku from India, and now an Asian drama fan.  

I am new to the Asian drama  community, got into it this  Feb (2017)

with the series Signal, and it stole my heart.......

and changed the way I look at  dramas.

I am always open to don't stop your fingers from typing me some :P

my rating system newly devised Aug 2023 (inspired by ViolinGals profile and my interest to increase my original rating scale)

10 - the holy grail, any masterpiece that spoke to me, perhaps on the rewatch or overtime.

9-9.5 - masterpiece, content i was truly happy with.

8-8.5 - i loved them, i might find faults but it wont diminish i love for it.

7-7.5 - i liked them, i might even recommend it to fans of the genre

5.5-6.5 - some gems in the content of mostly meh

5 - the average 

4-4.5 - somewhere something went wrong that it couldn't even be called average

3-3.5 - my most hated shows.

2-2.5 - yay i didn't drop it but it would have been better to do so

 1 - as a completionist any content that made me drop it


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