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You must have been a little curious about getting here.  I will not talk much about my personal stuff but will gladly share anything about my indulgence with Asian dramas, films, and shows that we both have common interests with.

Let's begin here

      I am a hopeless romantic, guess just like any woman out there.  It started in English fairy tales when I was a kid, and now love seeing a variety of love stories from different cultures.

      Taiwanese drama first opened my eyes to other Asian dramas with the original "Meteor Garden F4" followed by the Korean classic "Lovers in Paris".

      I prefer to watch Korean dramas, however, there was a time when I exhausted all my options and tried Chinese dramas.

      Now, I dare explore Thai dramas and find them equally entertaining.

      Not to offend the Japanese, but I don't have any inclination yet toward their dramas.  My reluctance extends to BL & GL genres.     

As a drama aficionado

1.  What is a good drama for me?

It requires a well-written story and a defined execution whether it's about a general or contemporary subject.  Casting prominent, big, and promising artists supplements popularity but may not always guarantee a good one.

     2.  How do I choose what to watch?

I rely on reviews and check the trailers but I avoid reading the rundown story to spare myself from spoiling my curiosity.  I frequently watch dramas that feature my favorite artists.

3.  How often do I write reviews?

Randomly, it's only when I feel like doing it.  If after watching, there's an urge inside me, then I do write. I try to keep my reviews as short as possible and not give too much information so I can still preserve the interest of the readers.  I have made quite a few write-ups on dramas I dearly appreciated, recognized as average, and ones I even dropped.

     4.  What is the longest hour I spent watching a drama?

A non-stop 5 hours, I normally watch after my home-based online work at dawn to help me fall asleep apparently it only made me stay awake all the time.

5.  Do I have any watching habits?

  • I like writing down dialogues as quoted from dramas I find meaningful.
  • I promptly include in my playlist songs from the OST that lyrically and tunefully touch my soul.
  • I watch Korean, Chinese, and Thai dramas one after another, but at times I run out of options for Thai dramas to watch.
  • I hardly watch dramas being aired (can't help it except My Demon) because it cuts my high spirits waiting for the next episode.  I watch it when it has only 2 episodes left.

They are like my happy pills

K   O   R   E   A

 Park Bo-gum

 Kim Yoo-Jung                                                     

                                                Love in the Moonlight (2016)

C   H   I   N   A

                Leo Wu                      Zhao Lusi
                                                   Love Like the Galaxy (2022)

P   H   I   L   I   P   P   I   N   E   S

Richard Yap

Jodi Sta Maria      



T   A   I   W   A   N

              Mike He                      Rainie Yang
                                                        Devil Beside You (2005)

T   H   A   I   L   A   N   D

 Mark Prin

Kao Supassara

                                                My Forever Sunshine (2020)     

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I cried a riverKoreaThe Real Has Come! (Drama)9.5
Hey, loser!TaiwanTinity of Shadows (Drama)4
You got my attentionKoreaSong Kang - lead in  My Demon (2023)
Speak the truth"Separation is not the worst.  The biggest regret is not being able to say goodbye properly before getting separated." -  Golden House Hidden Love (Chinese)
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