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My journey into the dramaworld:

I started randomly learning Mandarin Chinese in 2018 and have since then started watching C-dramas and listening to Chinese songs. My Chinese language level is currently upper-intermediate.

In addition to C-dramas, I have also watched various K-dramas and listened to Korean music and because of that, I have started learning Korean since 2020. 

I have watched a few Japanese, Taiwanese and Thai dramas, but most of them were either not my type or quite weird, so if you have good recommendations (also for K- and C-dramas), please put them in My Voting List for Drama Recommendations!

And please add movies you recommend to This Voting List.

Except for Horror, I like all genres, but I tend not to watch Sci-Fi much either. I really love Historical dramas, Mystery dramas and good Romcoms. Also love watching Slife of Life and Family dramas with my family.

  • My first Chinese drama ever: A Love So Beautiful
  • My first Chinese historical drama: The King's Woman
  • My first Korean drama: Descendants of the Sun

My Letterboxd profile name is also: movietourist313




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