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Filha de uma família pobre, Xue Wen Xi sabe o que é passar dificuldades. Disposta a fazer o que for preciso para ajudar a cuidar de sua amada família, ela não mede esforços para sobreviver. E foi por isso que, quando surgiu uma oportunidade de trabalhar como escritora, ela aceitou o emprego de bom grado; mesmo que, para isso, precisasse se disfarçar de garoto. A artimanha parecia bem inocente, até o dia em que o filho do Primeiro Ministro, Feng Cheng Jun, apareceu em sua vida. Impressionado com o trabalho de Wen Xi, ele arma um plano que a obriga a se matricular na estimada Academia Yun Shang. Como a escola só aceita estudantes do sexo masculino, Wen Xin não tem escolha a não ser continuar se disfarçando de garoto. Usando o nome do irmão, ela, agora Wen Bin, passa todos os momentos de sua vida com medo de ter seu segredo revelado. Apesar de seus temores, Wen Xi prospera no ambiente escolar. Usando sua inteligência, bondade e charme, conquista o respeito e a amizade de um trio de colegas acadêmicos que, juntos, ficaram conhecidos como o "Quarteto Yung Shang". Com amigos fiéis ao seu lado e um novo amor nascendo em seu coração, Wen Xin encontra forças para encarar as dificuldades que inevitavelmente cruzam seu caminho. Mas será que essa nova força vai desmoronar quando seus segredos mais sombrios forem revelados? (Fonte: Viki) Editar Tradução

  • Português (Brasil)
  • Türkçe
  • Română
  • Español
  • País: China
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 36
  • Exibido: Jul 23, 2020 - Ago 15, 2020
  • Exibido em: Quinta, Sexta, Sábado
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Duração: 45 min.
  • Pontuação: 8.1 (scored by 4,684 usuários)
  • Classificado: #1741
  • Popularidade: #1365
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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Ago 17, 2020
36 of 36 episódios vistos
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História 8.5
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Musical 8.5
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The Scent of a Woman

I was sold on this drama the moment I eyeballed the three hot main dudes - I mean what's not to like about a light and funny drama with some serious eye candy? But somehow this morphed from just another fun and light young adult comedy into a hilarious and empowering story of friendship and the shining idealism of youth that made a deeper than expected impression on me.

Xue Wenxi disguises herself as her brother Wenbin to support her family as a talented copywriter and author of illicit romantic fiction. A chance encounter and a series of mishaps leads to her reluctant enrollment at the prestigious Yunshang Academy. There she becomes the glue that bonds the "Yunshang Four" an uncommon friendship between the scholarly and noble Feng Chengjun, the savvy Yu Lexuan and the rebellious Lei Zexin. Together they prevail over many coming of age challenges and overcome past secrets and misdeeds of the previous generation.

In a departure from the acclaimed Korean adaption (which I did not watch), this Chinese version portrays an unmistakably feminine version of Wenbin, from the casting of the very petite and lovely Ju Jingyi as Wenbin to surrounding her with uncommonly tall male leads. If you are unable to suspend disbelief that she is not busted as a girl on day one, then your time is better spent on the earlier version. If you get overly hung up on how she looks, you will not enjoy the witty script and brilliant comedic rapport between the leads nor appreciate the more important themes that this adaptation chooses to focus on instead. The casting visibly illustrates the daunting physical challenges Wenbin faces in an academy that has an equally vigorous physical curriculum. 

What I love most about this drama is that it avoids sending the message that in order succeed in a man's world, a woman must look like a man and act like one too. It points out multiple times throughout the drama that Wenbin is a beautiful and delicate gentleman. It is clearly on the edge of everyone's consciousness that he is a girl because all of the boys are drawn to her like bees to a honeypot and when her gender is revealed no one faints from shock. Indeed one of my favorite early moments is the look on Chengjun's face when he sniffs her and gets his first whiff of the scent of a woman. It is unmistakable, all of those boys sense it but no self respecting dude is going to blurt out the unthinkable and ruin the fun of having a girl on campus! Our Wenbin revels in being herself, a young girl - at times she is annoying as hell - naggy, bitchy, petty, jealous but most of the time she is mischievous, charming, sensitive and comforting. For me, it is much more fun to watch a girl having a blast just being herself at an all-boys school than watching the tired routine of a woman trying to fit in by aping a man. 

The script is very cleverly written and funny and the characters are so lovable and relateable they all give me that magical deja vu of people I know. I am floored by the seamless interactions and comedic timing between the cast as witty banter is conveyed in as much via body language and facial expressions as it is in words. The humor is just my speed - a slightly wicked roasting of all too familiar human emotions, traits and rites of passage. This is a heavily character driven drama with very satisfying character growth. The headmaster is priceless and is the show's true unsung hero. The pacing however gets hijacked by too many (albeit hilarious) comedic sketches without plot advancement to the point it drags slightly in the middle. And then everything happens a bit too quickly at the end as the romance peaks at almost at the same time the conspiracy is revealed. It could be better balanced if Wenbin's reveal happens earlier and without toying with Han Shumin's heart - it is unnecessary angst and a small stain on Chengjun's character and judgment.

Chengjun and Wenbin are smitten with each other from the beginning and their attraction and chemistry grows convincingly into something that hilariously both thrills and terrifies Chengjun. He is not my pick of the three but it is clear that his patience, wisdom and quiet indulgence is the perfect foil for the more high strung, impetuous and sometimes willful Wenbin. And her intelligence, lively and infectious sense of humor and mischief rescues him from being boring. It is a good match. Sadly my personal choice, the clever and diabolically cheeky Lexuan appears subtly more into Zexin than Wenbin. He is by far the most layered, complicated and thus interesting character. Zexin has the most character growth but would never work with Wenbin - they would just bring out the worst of their mutual immaturity, quick temper and impulsiveness. For me, their comaraderie and unflinching support for each other as they find the courage of their own convictions is far more riveting than the romance. My weary old soul is unaccountably moved by the youthful idealism and sense of justice and equality that culminates in a moving Oh Captain My Captain moment. It is also amazing that they got away with student protests, vigilante justice, and even subversive propaganda.

There is at least one hilarious laugh out loud moment in literally every episode of this drama that has men clammoring to follow the scent of a woman to the female version of Yunshang Academy! I haven't enjoyed myself so much in a long time. Sure there are flaws but think about watching this as like having a fling and not till death do us part; no need to over analyze, just go along, get along and enjoy the ride. This is overall a 9.0 for me but on just enjoyment factor alone I would call it a 9.5/10.0.

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Ago 15, 2020
36 of 36 episódios vistos
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No geral 6.0
História 6.0
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All Aboard the Hot Mess Express

Despite the beautiful production value and great performances from the side characters, In a Class of Her Own managed to take a well-praised and solidly written show, and water down the series into a remake that leaves a rather bitter aftertaste. This drama did not have the tension or the romance of the original Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and I’d recommend going into this one with low expectations — and perhaps also picking up the original show instead.

To start off with some of the positives of this show:

♡ Awesome Side Casts: Wang Ruichang and Bi Wenjun have to be praised for their performances as Lei Ao and Le Xuan respectively. Both characters were complex with deep backstories, and the issue was that at times their acting easily overshadowed that of Song Weilong who was the main lead. Both characters have their own personal struggles and conflicts that they undergo during the drama, and I think their stories were well incorporated into the broader plot of the drama. Their unique and distinct personalities gave them good rapport with the main leads, as well as the other students in Yunshang, and I think they were really the standout performances of the show.

♡ Cute Team Chemistry: The chemistry between our “Yunshang F4,” or Lei Ao, Le Xuan, Wen Xi, and Cheng Jun was my favourite part of the series. You can see how each of them grows to care for each other deeply, even if they start off in the beginning as being wary and bickering with each other. When they face difficulties in both their personal lives and in the broader politics of the series, they help each other and support each other through their challenges. It’s really a treat to see how these four friends become each other’s family at the school, and how each of them in their own way supports one another.

♡ Updated Production Value: The great thing about this remake is that it updates a lot of the milieu of the series, from the beautiful clothes and uniforms, to the beauty of Yunshang Academy. The props and backdrops were all very high quality, and I loved how every member of the side cast had their own unique dressing style which complemented their personality. Ju Jingyi has some gorgeous outfits and jewelry, especially when she dresses as a girl. The soundtrack was also very well done and memorable, and overall the general design and colour story of the drama are ethereal and tastefully incorporated into the show.

♡ Mischievous Female Lead: Truthfully, despite comments on how Ju Jingyi is very pretty and beautiful, and not believable when disguised as a boy, I think that her performance has improved and quite liked Wen Xi as a character. While I did have issues with some of the romance in the series, especially her relationship with Cheng Jun, I think the Wen Xi (especially in her pursuit of being a scholar) was quite admirable and fun to watch. I also loved how the drama did delve into the status of women and the poor, and questioned relevant social issues such as understandings of meritocracy and the inheritance of power. Overall, I liked how she lived up to the name of the drama, where she played to her strengths in order to achieve success, and changed the social and political norms at Yunshang Academy.

But there are also some major issues with the show, including:

♥ Lack of Chemistry and Romance: I will warn that this show has no kiss scenes, and that the romance is not well done in the series (in fact, the romantic lines between Wen Xi and Lei Ao, as well as Wen Xi and Le Xuan, seem more believable and well-developed). The main issue is that Feng Cheng Jun can be quite a bland character, and never really develops or experiences character growth. In addition, the drama clearly tries to show Wen Xi falling for Cheng Jun because of his upright nature and his intelligence, but this often comes as abrupt instead of organic, especially considering how the drama never really explores Cheng Jun’s own weaknesses and limitations. In other words, the main lead never really has the same kind of personal growth as the other side casts, which makes it difficult to appreciate him as a character and as part of the main couple.

♥ Banter and Comedy is Rather Flat: Supposedly, this is a drama that is meant to be interspersed with comedic moments, but I never really found the show to be all that funny. There were attempts made to create "running gags" in the drama, such as Lei Ao's "do you want to die?" catchphrase, but often didn't work as well as they did in the original series. I will also say that some of this is because the character relationships have been changed a little (i.e. in the Korean version, the characters Lei Ao and Le Xuan had BL undertones), and I think the dynamic they tried to use in the show didn't work as well as it did in the Korean drama.

♥ Pacing Issues and Cutting Out Important Plot Points: One of the main reasons Sungkyunkwan Scandal was hard to put down was because it was a show with a lot of tension and to some extent even suspense. The viewer was always led to worry about when the female lead’s identity would be exposed, why there were political manipulations in the school, and there was always the fear of the backgrounds of the main cast being revealed. Unfortunately, In a Class of Her Own sometimes verges on boring, especially as some of these problems are never properly foreshadowed, explored, or developed in the drama. Instead, time was put on arbitrary scenes to artificially create romance, or extend dialogue and conversations about broader political issues that focused less on the students and instead on the teachers and generals.

♥ The Trainwreck of the The Last Couple Episodes: One of the things that the original Korean drama did very well was showing its characters taking accountability for the elements of the plot. For example, there are consequences for being disguised as a male, for taking vigilante justice, and for other problems that the show introduces. In a Class of Her Own however seems to wave off resolving the issues that it introduces, and instead makes a rushed attempt to address the main plot during the latter stretch — which is ironic, given how this show had more episodes to work with. The show therefore loses the sparkle that it had in the first half, when the students were solving issues in the Academy, to fill its last half with problems that result in a less than satisfying and logically inconsistent ending.

In A Class of Her Own had a lot of potential to be a great remake, especially since it already had a very well-written story to work with. While the show succeeded in some ways, such as through the refreshing performances of its side cast and the updated production of the series, it lacked immensely in terms of balancing the plot, creating a believable romance, and living up to the sparkling chemistry of the original series. While the drama is not terrible, I can’t really recommend taking the time to watch this if you are expecting In a Class of Her Own to live up to to the freshness of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, or unless you are a fan of the actors in this series.

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  • Drama: Em Sua Própria Classe
  • País: China
  • Episódios: 36
  • Exibido: Jul 23, 2020 - Ago 15, 2020
  • Exibido On: Quinta, Sexta, Sábado
  • Original Network: iQiyi
  • Duração: 45 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 15+ - 15 anos ou mais


  • Pontuação: 8.1 (avaliado por 4,684 usuários)
  • Classificado: #1741
  • Popularidade: #1365
  • Fãs: 12,211

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