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My Mindset
Always tweaking my drama viewing lens to enjoy the best of each show.
I don’t do fast-forwards or skips; neither do I drop shows.
Therefore, I possess the moral highground to express my opinions however I want to as I believe that I have fully experienced the show in the most appropriate manner.

Nowadays I only try to watch dramas that are rated 8.7 above or casts/screenwriter that I’m a fan of due to time constraints.

◆ Completed all Top 50 Rated Dramas (20 March 2024)
◆ Completed all Top 40 Rated K-Dramas
◆ Completed all Top 10 Rated C-Dramas

Ratings & Scoring
I’ve started to rate shows I've watched from 2024 onwards, my scoring is mainly based on my personal enjoyment of the show. However, I do consider factors such as the quality of writing, storytelling proficiency, engagement levels, acting performances, directorial finesse, thematic depth, production values, soundtracks, and background music as well. These elements collectively shape my overall viewing experience and significantly influence the extent to which I derive enjoyment from the show.

The few shows that I’ve previously rated before 2024 are:
◆ My Mister | Korean Drama
◆ Twinkling Watermelon | Korean Drama
◆ Moving | Korean Drama
◆ Better Days | Chinese Movie
◆ Someday or One Day | Taiwanese Drama
◆ The Genius: Black Garnet | Korean TV Show
◆ Melting Me Softly | Korean Drama


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