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Danielle A

Somewhere Only We Know

Danielle A

Somewhere Only We Know

*•.¸♥¸.• About Me  •.¸♥¸.•*

My drama journey started with a kdrama on Netflix and rapidly turned into a happy c/tw-drama obsession. Although more recently I've been watching a lot of Thailand dramas while I wait for more C & TW dramas to be released. 

Also, I started learning Mandarin so I wouldn't have to read subtitles for c/tw dramas anymore. 

I've been favoring modern rom-coms with happy endings. Life is already stressful enough, let's have some fictional happiness. Please and thank you.

Status: I'm still kicking. Don't worry. I'm just focused on other things right now. Feel free to DM me, and I will answer as soon as I can :)

Favorite Tropes/Themes:

  1. Love Triangles (#SorryNotSorry)
  2. Jealousy (not the overly toxic kind though)
  3. Kisses!!! 
  4. Good Communication
  5. A cold ML that has cute/giddy/silly moments
  6.  Couples that overcome the odds against them

Least Favorite Tropes/Themes:

  1. Amnesia 
  2. Lovers-Separated/Time Jumps (e.i. "6 years later") 
  3. Breakups w/o an explanation to "protect" the other person or out of family obligation 
  4. Disapproving Parents 
  5. Bad/Evil "Friends"

My Firsts:

First Asian Drama - My First First Love 

First Chinese Drama - Meteor Garden (2018)

First BL - HIStory3: Trapped 

First BL Couple - Mark & Owen from Love is Science

My Giphy Page:

Favorite Drama of The Month Challenge Link:

My Ratings:

10-9.5 = My Favorites. Re-watch worthy. Highly Recommend

9-8 = Possibly Re-watch Worthy. Would Recommend

7.5-7 = Probably Would Not Re-watch. Maybe Recommend

6.5-4 = Would Not Rewatch. Would Not Recommend. 

3.5-1 = Severely Dislike

ミミ❤ Favorite Actors ❤彡彡

◦•●❤♡ Gao Han Yu 高瀚宇 ♡❤●•◦

◦•●❤♡ Greg Hsu 許光漢 ♡❤●•◦


◦•●❤♡ Bible Wichapas Sumettikul ♡❤●•◦


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