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                                                                                                  谢怜 and 花城

Reciprocal love always brings positive things.

王一博  and  肖战 

Welcome to the hope world bathed in a lot of drama, in a lot of realism. ✩

Once i looked for support and i found the refuge i needed, sensitivity screams inside me seeking more and more power to express myself according to my real sentimentality, the demonstration about this fact does not stop even if there is insufficiency on that part. 

❝ 您一生中遇到的数百个人都有自己的立场和历史.❞ 

In a completely new world that has existed for 5 years, the continuation prevails in the present as strong as any existing sensation. The interior prevails according to the demonstration, becoming clear the size of the grief of each one inside.

❝ 谁强谁弱?什么是黑色, 什么是白色?  谁是对谁错?谁好谁坏.❞ 

Asian world that hangs in my eyes and heart, without differences or preconceptions, endless dramas with continuous development.

❝ 让我判断对与错,让其他人决定赞美或责备,让损失和收益保持无评论.❞ 

A person who is capable of holding a thousand and millions of feelings within him that are summed up in absolute realism in the face of optimism, however, being true in the face of pessimism as a whole.

❝对与错都是过去, 所以让我们在醒来之后将它当作梦.❞ 

There are stories in my universe where they fit into various situations that focus on daily life, although not all fit all satisfy me in some way in a sentimental and realistic way.



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