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BL lento

Enredo lento, atores sem química, mais parece num monologo que um diálogo. Chegado ao seu 6º EP e parece que o BL não sai, fica na mesmice. Um episódio de 24 minutos parece durar 1h... Enfim, algo que não consegui explorar no BL e por tal motivo prefiro assistir outros.
Talvez parte se der por conta do BL ser adaptado da série de mangá de Natsuno Hiroko 25 Ji, Akasaka de, os limites entre arte e vida começam a se confundir para o inseguro, mas apaixonado Shirasaki Yuki (Niihara Taisuke), um ator de teatro em dificuldades que consegue um papel surpreendente em um drama gay ao lado de um ator famoso que ele conheceu em seus tempos de universidade, Hayama Asami (Komagine Kiita).

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BL Compilations
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promising start that fizzled (watch suggestions)

Overall: I was excited after watching the first episode, but the thin plot swam in circles. 10 episodes about 25 minutes each. Airing on GagaOOLala https://www.gagaoolala.com/en/videos/4205/at-2500-in-akasaka-2024-e01

Watch Suggestions
- watch episode 1
- watch episode 7 until 21:50 or the whole thing (this explained why a character liked another character)
- watch episode 2 at 17 to the end if you enjoy dating scenes/montages
- can skip episode 3, there is a short cuddle around 15 min
- can watch ep 4 at 6:30 for a sensual gnocchi making scene and 21:30 for a brief kiss
- can watch ep 5 around 10 minutes for a hot bod and 19:20-20:40 for meh kisses
- watch ep 6 beginning to 10 minutes
- skip episode 8

What I Liked
- premise was set up well, the end of episode 1 was awesome
- the kneading dough scene was sensual (needed more scenes like that)
- managers cared about their actors

Room For Improvement
- voice over for plot set up
- slow pacing
- waited until episode 7 to show why one character was extremely attracted to the other character, this was much too late
- in episode 6 nearly doing something when the other person was sleeping
- cliche overhears something and makes a stupid assumption, then ghosts/refuses to communicate
- a character said he had no idea how to reach the other character....I don't know maybe try....talking... #sarcasm
- lackluster kisses

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Absolutely yes

Basically fake dating but make it Gay. Count me in. The chemistry is definitely there and the whole cast seems to be well trained in acting. The camera work is good although some of the editing is questionable and slightly odd. I am a big fan of plots like this bc we pick up the pace with the main leads. You get the vibe that the super hot popular costar secretly watched and like his lesser popular and slightly awkward junior. I’m definitely a sucker for plots like this so I’m excited about the drama.
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plain boring

I personally dont have anything against "weird" japanese dramas, since this seems to be their trademark... In fact, i kinda embrace weird things! BUT - and here comes a big BUT - japanese dramas lately seem to be weird the wrong way! Like, weirdly boring, or weirdly poor script, or something like that. I feel quite frustrated abt that - since you decided to be different, just do it bravely! So, this RECENT release doesnt seem to add much to the drama-landscape, but its not that bad either. I hesitate calling it mediocre, though im afraid thats just the word to describe it. I mean, you bring up an asexual guy, then he turns out to be gay... but no reflection or self-awareness at all? Are we earthworms? Our two protagonists hug each other to sleep, but they have trouble holding hands or something? Also, everybody is an impersonation of weird - weird hairdo, weird social skills, weird career path etc. I honestly suspect they try to impose on me some weird beauty standards.
It's also mostly filmed indoors, totally low-budget. Not much here relatable to real life. The director should stick to commercials or manga.
My sad conclusion is: in Japan, people are prisoners. Am i right or wrong? If im wrong, its totally not my fault, since this work conveys to me this message.
Watch it as an alternative to older japanese dramas...

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ariel alba
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New trend: forming a main couple with star actors in JDramas?

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And when life finally offers insecure and hesitant rookie actor Yuki Shirasaki (Taisuke Niihara) an important role in a television drama in which he must portray a homosexual character in a relationship with popular actor Asami Hayama (Komagine Kiita) as co-star , and given his inexperience in love, he decides to make the best of the situation... looking for a real experience.
This is how he goes to a gay bar with the aim of finding someone to sleep with to experience a full-fledged apprenticeship and to be able to incorporate the emotions acquired into the character to embody. There, he meets Hayama, his co-star in the television series, a superstar in the world of entertainment and modeling, who in college shared the same film study club with him.
How will Shirasaki react when Hayama offers him his body? What will happen between the kōhai and inexperienced in matters of love Shirasaki when the senpai Hayama proposes to form a "romantic relationship for the sake of character development" until filming concludes? What will happen between these two very different people when filming ends?
And, while Shirasaki gets to go through a lot of fake "official first moments" with Hayama—her first real kiss, her first real date, her first sexual encounter, her first role in a television series, her first leading role in a non-theatrical play or his "first coming out", he is surprised that among the lies, emotions flourish, feelings grow and they fall in love. In other words: what seems like a solid plan soon turns into emotional chaos that will lead them to…
The series raises questions about the nature of falling in love (is it a pure matter of instant chemistry or a difficult process of adaptation to the other?), the transition to adulthood and the acceptance of sexual identity.
Based on the manga series "25:00, in Akasaka" by Natsuno Hiroko ('25ji, Akasaka de' / 25時、赤坂で), first published on November 24, 2018 by Shodensha, the action adaptation real with the same name, is directed by Horie Takahiro ('Death Kyun Loop Wa Tomaranai!) and Kawasaki Ryo ('Minato Shouji Coin Laundry Season 2' and 'My Strawberry Film').
Based on a script written by Aso Kumiko, known for writing the script for 'Inochi Aru Kagiri Tataka e, So Shite Iki Nukunda', throughout the plot and the false courtship, the characters discover that love can arise even in the terrain of deception. The viewer might think that this is a classic tender story framed in a romantic comedy-drama, but in reality, it is full of script twists that exceed any expectations.
From the TV Tokyo channel, the series seeks to capture the audience with a formula that combines humor, drama and love through a pseudo-romantic relationship that off-screen leads to a touching and beautifully crafted love story that explores the complexities of relationships within the entertainment industry and between actors.
The cast is reinforced by renowned figures from Japanese cinema and television such as Takuma Usa, a figure known for his participation in other romantic dramas such as 'Kiss x Kiss x Kiss: Love ii Shower', 'Kiss × Kiss × Kiss: Melting Night' and 'Cool Doji Danshi'. Accompanying Usa in supporting roles is Shoma Nagumo, from 'Kiss x Kiss x Kiss: Love ii Shower' and 'Minato Shouji Coin Laundry'. The cast is completed with Atsushi Hashimoto, who began his acting career in 2004 in the film 'Water Boys 2'; Moemi Katayama, actress who in 2019 played the character of Kohiruimaki Himeko in the romantic series 'Ossan's Love: In the Sky', and Shinohara Yushin, known for his intervention in the film 'We Couldn't Become Adults', who together contribute memorable performances. It is, truly, a luxury cast.
I wonder: Will there come a time when they stop pretending that they are a couple and make it known that they ARE a couple? Will the student be a good apprentice to the sensei?
If someone asked me: What is so special about the series?, I would answer:
- Shows the non-stereotypical or stigmatized image of the homosexual man and same-sex relationships with the purpose of achieving significant changes in the conservative, patriarchal and heteronormative Japanese society.
- The right decision to make the main couple with two acting stars, since Japanese romantic dramas of the LGBT+ genre usually pair a popular, experienced actor with one less known to the public. Apparently, producers and creators of the genre are seeking to implement a new trend, if we take into account that in the recently concluded 'Sukiyanen Kedo Dou Yaro ka' (2024) they also paired two experienced actors who enjoy great popularity, such as Kan Hideyoshi and Nishiyama Jun.
- The use of monologue through which the characters define their traits and the audience can get to know their most intimate thoughts without the need for a narrator to intervene.
- The respect, passion and sincerity of the members of the artistic-technical teams to the original work.
- The forced plot does not take away from the magic of a leading couple that brims with chemistry and dialogues that manage to convey more than one substantial reflection.
- The two protagonists are very funny in this drama with characters that one represents maturity and experience and the other "first-time" naivety in all areas, both in love and sexual matters to those concerning his work as a novice actor.
- Although the script presents the same tricks as many other series of the genre, the truth is that '25ji, Akasaka de' has shares of originality in the evolution and outcome of the plot.
- The value of friendship, of the camaraderie of coworkers and students to help the two protagonists manage the complex emotions that will accompany them throughout the plot, focused on building the love relationship of Shirasaki and Hayama , their successful participation in a television series, and that both discover their authentic selves.
- Taisuke Niihara and Komagine Kiita play a seemingly impossible couple who will have to force themselves to have an initially non-existent chemistry, because they are unknown people chosen in a casting to play two protagonists of a television drama.
- The disturbing innocence of the entire approach.
- The purity of characters who grow without "corrupting", clinging to their first loves and unusual experiences on a film set.
- Its light narrative and good performances hook you from the first frame, making it a fun series.
- A series with a concept developed and outlined as a drama and not as a comedy.
- '25ji, Akasaka de' shows a series of circumstances that could hardly happen to its characters, always maintaining the premise that dramatic moments in real life are usually interspersed with humorous moments.
- The creators wanted there to be a certain honesty in the script and that the actors did not have to react intentionally to the planned moments of humor.
- With the dosage of humor and a choreography of gestures that also extends to intelligent and elegant compositions of shots, those responsible for the series achieve the very complicated task of getting each of the decisions made right.
- The music, the smoothness of the camera movements, the ease of provoking different emotions in the viewer and the palpable complicity of a well-rounded cast make the experience of the episodes something special.
- A series that from the pilot episode captivates the viewer and the illusion that the balance is not lost and those responsible are overcome in the following chapters full of disparate occurrences and interesting situations.
- The idea of ​​a closing with a delicate and tender musical sweep.
- Having two directors with extensive experience in the world of entertainment, whose experiences also as writers combined with the skill and vast writing craft of the accredited screenwriter could perfectly outline both the narrative discourse and the staging or production.

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Weird, but good weird or mediocre weird !?

The main plot and the actors are so good , dont get me wrong, but there is something about this drama that makes it a bit less compelling.
Both main characters are a bit weird, but in their own different ways. One of them seems to be clueless and guarded about their own feelings, whereas the other is juggling between being emotionally constipated and being unreasonably in love.
The pacing of the drama is a bit slow for my personal liking, and makes it look a bit boring than it might be or has to be. But the actors are really talented, they just nail the character descriptions to the T. They got great chemistry as well. Despite all of this, it somehow got me really invested into the story.
Nevertheless, its worth a watch, if you are in mood for a different story in a different setting than usual.

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The BL Xpress
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A Beautiful Romance Between Two Earnest Co-Stars

Insecurity and a strong desire to succeed in a passion can create barriers between yourself and the world, making it difficult to see the people cheering you on.

In the Japanese BL At 25:00 in Akasaka, adapted from Natsuno Hiroko’s manga series 25 Ji, Akasaka de, the lines between art and life begin to blur for insecure but passionate Shirasaki Yuki (Niihara Taisuke), a struggling stage actor who lands a surprising role in a gay drama opposite a famous actor he knew in his university days, Hayama Asami (Komagine Kiita).

Thus begins a journey of personal insecurity and unrequited love that explodes into a tense and almost bittersweet feeling on screen.

As the cameras roll, Shirasaki seeks authenticity in his role by exploring local gay haunts, only to find Hayama there, leading to a night that ends in a kiss. This encounter leaves him wrestling with his feelings, both on and off screen, as he confronts how he feels about himself while exploring how he could feel about Asami.

Read the complete article here-


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