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About Me

  • Been hooked on Korean and Chinese dramas for the past few years (pandemic 2020). In 2024, Stumbled upon BL dramas and absolutely loving them!
  • MBTI : ISFJ 
  • Cancer ♋ : Total Emotional Rollarcoaster at times! *sigh*
  • While I totally respect your perspective, let's agree to disagree if we're not on the same page.

I'm applying to DO on 5 July 2024

**Note: Discovered MDL a little late!! My completed list comprises of dramas I've watched to this point, including those I watched before discovering MDL.

Rating Scale

I have no specific rating system, my reviews and ratings stem from my personal experience with the dramas. I might sort my thoughts out someday and come up with a rating system down the line. But for now, it's all about the feels!


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Friend Requests

If we have interacted on feed and comments, feel free to send a friend request my way! 
I do accept random requests, but it's always nice to chat a bit first. I'm all about embracing sarcasm, constructive criticism and cracking jokes, just as long as we keep it respectful. 
And hey, if you swing by here, feel free to drop some drama recommendations my way!


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